Kettebell Kickboxer of the month- June!

June’s Kettebell Kickboxer of the Month! 

Brielle Dahan has managed to make almost every class in the past month while running her own business: Stuffed Artisan Cannolis.

It’s hard enough to stay in shape when you’re around the temptation of treats and sweets that Brielle creates for her customers on a daily basis. Brielle opened the shop, located in the East Village last year along side her fiance who also trains at Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy. Together they create unique and beautiful cannolis with all sorts of flavors (yes – they have a lower calorie Agave canollis).

But despite creating a new product line for QVC and running her shop on the daily, Brielle manages to run over to class every day; training hard and seeing the benefits first hand! Keep it going – we’re so proud!