Is It Okay To Eat Fruit? (even when trying to lose weight)



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I’ve gotten lots of emails in the past few months from women all over the world asking me about fruit.

You’ve all heard the “fruits have tons of sugar” argument.

So, lets discuss…

Is It Okay To Eat Fruit? (need more nutrition info Check Out Our 7 Day lean Program)

FACT:  No one ever got fat from eating a piece of fruit.

Yes! It is completely okay to eat fruit, fruits are highly nutritious and low in calories. The sugars we are all so scared of in fruits are all natural and are processed differently in your body then unnatural sugars  like twinkles, brownies and all the sugar found in breads and cereals.

Bonus: Fruits are so sweet that they’re suitable as desserts, but they’re still quite low in calories, and high in fiber  and nutrients.

Pair Them Right: The best way to pair your fruits is to eat them with your yogurts, cheese, salads and proteins or as a snack on their own. However you should know that overeating anything is not a good idea, eat slow and in the right portions.

Fruits are great for breakfast or lunch, our favorite ones are listed below, calories per cup included of course.

The best fruits? Actually berries, so go on have a cup.

All portions are 1 cup.

• Apples 80
• Blackberries 82
• Blueberries 75
• Bananas 105
• Cherries 90
• Cantaloupe 94
• Grapefruit 37
• Oranges 80
• Peaches 70
• Strawberries 45

What about dry fruits? Now those guys have more sugars, so the best way to eat dried fruit is to limit the portions and make sure to buy the ones with NO ADDED sugars – organic and all natural.

Dried Fruit Pro Tip: If you want to digest dried fruit correctly and get rid of some of the sugar- soak them in hot water, then eat.

Super Hungry? grab an apple, its one of the best ways to kill a craving and keep you satisfied until dinner.

Cereal? Pair all natural Kashi puffs (low in sugar and high in fiber) with a cup of blue berries.

Craving the sweet stuff? Try this:

• Berries and all natural whip cream
• Frozen berries (and they are far less expensive then the fresh kind)
• Baked apples with cinnamon, stevia, brown sugar or a bit of honey- YUM!

So, repeat after me-  No one ever got fat from eating a piece of fruit.

Now go on and enjoy your fruitful day.

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No one, EVER, got fat from a piece of fruit!

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