Stacie Smith

Stacie is a Certified Kettlebell Kickboxing™ (KBIA) instructor, currently teaching in the Cincinnati and Detroit areas. A metro Detroit native, Stacie received her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and her Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Raised by a former NFL player, Stacie’s athleticism and competitive nature led her to numerous state and national competitions in track & field, gymnastics and cheerleading; and she also led choreography on college level dance companies and step teams. Seeking a physical challenge to break up the monotony of business school applications, Stacie tried Kettlebell Kickboxing in 2011 and fell in love. An intellectual at heart, Stacie was drawn to Kettlebell Kickboxing Kickboxing™ because it “teaches knowledge and information about the body, while maximizing for efficiency and effectiveness, and instilling confidence in women.” Unable to find a kettlebell class that even came close to giving her the same results in graduate school, Stacie regularly exercised to Dasha’s Kettlebell Kickboxing™ DVDs. She became so hooked that she even put it as an interest on her resume! Having decided to relocate to Ohio to pursue a career in marketing after completing her masters, Stacie decided she couldn’t afford not to have Kettlebell Kickboxing in her life regularly any longer, and passed her KBIA certification just weeks after graduation. Stacie brings her passion for knowledge, music and dance to each class for a fun and effective workout experience that promotes overall wellness.