Samantha Sampson


Samantha has been a Kettlebell Kickboxing instructor since 2014. She began by taking Kettlebell Kickboxing classes and also training to the DVDs. She joined the flagship Academy and after a year of steadily training she decided to take the next step by getting certified.

Later, as Samantha began to dedicate herself to studying and training under Dasha, she also had the opportunity to assist and also teach at the flagship NYC classes.

“One of the people that literally LIGHT UP my 6pm class is Sam, she always trains right behind me (front row) and no matter what type of day I am having, her smile and positive, happy energy just comes through and into my class. In all honesty I get truly happy when I see her in class she is truly what Kettlebell Kickboxing is all about, she represents the brand perfectly… and I value her as a student, an athlete and a person :)” – XOKb Dasha