Patricia Quesada

Patricia is a Certified Kettlebell Kickboxing™ (KBIA) instructor, currently teaching a popular (co-ed) Kettlebell Kickboxing class in Long Beach, CA. Patricia considers herself a bit of a Gypsy only because she was born in Nicaragua but raised in LA and grew in up in NYC. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and majored in Fashion Design. She has worked for high end fashion designers like Badgley Mischka, Michael Kors and continues to work in the fashion industry. As a child she was always into sports and enjoyed swimming, volleyball and tennis, but her passion now is doing triathlons and, of course Kettlebell Kickboxing™. She got introduced to KB through her friend Freya, she was never into weights and didn’t even know what kettlebells were. But after she came out of Dasha’s first class she couldn’t believe how much fun she had with kettlebells and that she had actually burned 1000 calories in one hour; the extra bonus was that she started noticing how toned her body was getting after a few classes. Patricia got addicted to KB and the rest was history! “I love KB for thousands of reasons, but one reason I love KB is because going to the gym was become boring and I never saw results in my body, but I was always excited to go to a KB class knowing I was going to do a full workout and come out sweating, sore and inspired to push myself to do more! “

Info & Location: Shear Rhythm Studio, 4126 North Viking Way, suite #220, Long Beach‎ CA‎ 90808 / T: (562) 421-6014 / Email: