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Jodi Barrett

I embarked on my fitness journey graduating with a bachelor degree in Physical Activity Studies with a major in Fitness & Lifestlye. I have done both personal and group strength & conditioning training. I have always believed in a healthy active lifestyle for myself, my 3 beautiful children & the people around me. I have completed a Toughmudder and Spartan and several runs in Canada.

I believe balance is the key to life and finding and being around a positive tribe is essential.

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My biggest gifts and challenges

I have three children who have been an incredible driving force in my fitness and health goals. It may be hard to be a single mom, but its also rewarding. Every Saturday the kids and I wake up early and go in for a workout - we are all tired and groggy and would rather sleep in, but after the workout everyone is happy and in celebratory mode.

My most recent certifications are Chi Chi Health & Fitness Kettlebell 2016

KBIA- Level 1 March 2017 KBIA- Level 2 March 2017 Master -KBIA March 2017

Where you can find me

I currently train kettlebell and do personal & group training in Regina, Saskatchewan. i have an amazing group of individuals who train with me and I am grateful for their hard work and dedication to my class. I also am furthering to educate the health & fitness world by certifying others in Kettlebell Kickboxing created by Dasha Libin Anderson.

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