Isabel Quintero

Isabel Quintero

“Empowering people through movement and kettlebells to live healthier and happier”



Name: Isabel Quintero

Location: Madrid, Spain

Isabel is a British/US physical therapist based in a small town in the mountains of Madrid, Spain. Isabel began teaching group classes thanks to her training in Fascial Fitness, studying with leading Fascial experts in Europe. After experiencing the unique benefits of fascial training she realized that incorporating training with greater loads would be beneficial to continue to challenge the body and the fascia, which is when she started researching kettlebells and stumbled across Dasha’s Kettlebell Kickboxing programs.
Isabel became instantly hooked to Kettlebell Kickboxing, finding that the martial art moves and whole body training ties in perfectly with her fascial training programs. The opportunity to train with Dasha has enabled her to take her classes to the next level by incorporating the “art” and science of kettlebells.
With over 20 years experience as a physical therapist, Isabel also incorporates kettlebells in the recovery process of her patients and teaches classes in her own studio in Alpedrete, Madrid, as well as on her own online training platform in Spanish.
Isabel is thrilled to bring Kettlebell Kickboxing to Spain and the Spanish speaking world.