Christina Campagna


Christina Campagna is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and is a Kettlebell Kicking KBIA certified trainer. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. She first discovered Kettlebell Kickboxing online in 2013. Her daughters were taking Karate and she was looking for an exercise program that included moves from Martial Arts. Christina received Dasha’s first DVD set and a kettlebell for Christmas that year and fell in love with the Kettlebell Kickboxing program. Since then she has also joined Karate (currently an advanced Red Belt) and received her personal training certification. She now does limited free in-home personal training and will be starting morning Kettlebell Kickboxing classes at her Karate school, Ultimate Martial Arts – Woodbury, this summer starting in June. Classes will be at 5:30am Monday and Wednesday, with the addition of classes at 10am on Tuesday and Thursday in September.