Christina Campagna

Christina Campagna

Quote: Strong is a mindset, not a destination.

Contact: Instagram: @strongwithsteena
One-on-one training, custom programming and small group training (virtual or in person)
Maplewood, Minnesota

STRONG. This was not a word typically used to describe me. Instead, I heard words like delicate, wimpy, string bean, Kermit arms, skinny. I grew up thinking I would never be an athlete or enjoy exercise.

Fast forward to my life as a wife and stay at home mom of two girls. I was constantly exhausted and achy. Something needed to change. I tried cardio and home DVD workouts that were poorly designed, too advanced, yet not challenging enough to produce strength. I ended up just getting injured and frustrated.

I knew it was time to get serious when my 10 year old daughter could beat me at arm wrestling. I mean, good grief! I was tired of being weak. That’s when I found Kettlebell Kickboxing. I decided I wanted to try it, so I put the Schorcher DVD’s and a kettlebell on my Christmas list.

That was seven years ago. I have had a lot of ups and downs in that time, but I have always returned to Kettlebells and Strength training. I started to enjoy my workouts and looked forward to doing them. I joined Karate with my girls. Fitness became my passion and I wanted to share it. I became a personal trainer and a Kettlebell Kickboxing instructor and started sharing kettlebell training with my friends. Kettlebell Kickboxing has also seen me through hip surgery and a back injury.

The biggest lesson I have learned is that strength is a mindset. I have always been strong, but I needed to dig deep to find it. It’s more of a lifetime journey, not a short term program. I used to get frustrated if I missed a workout because I thought I would lose all my progress. I’ve realized that I can’t look at it that way. There will be high points and PR’s, but also times to step back and let the body heal. Progress isn’t always linear.

Kettlebell Kickboxing (both Dasha and Jodi) changed my life in so many ways. Not only do I think of myself as strong, but I am also more bold and willing to try things out of my comfort zone. I’m more patient and forgiving of myself. I don’t expect perfection. I know the value of effort and that it has its own reward. No matter where my life takes me, strength training and kettlebells will always be a part of it.