Instructor Profile: Meet KBIA Certified, Kettlebell Kickboxing NYC Master Instructor Jenel Stevens

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1. What Inspires You To Train?
I train because I love the concept of being in shape, staying strong and feeling healthy. I am an active person because I have done sports all my life and I couldn’t imagine a life where I wasn’t jumping, skipping, lifting, leaping or running somewhere!

2. What Inspires You To Teach?
I love helping people reach their fitness goals and the way it changes their life when they transform their body for the better. Not only for external aesthetics, but when clients tell me they have cut their medication, decreased their cholesterol or increased their lung capacity, I feel fulfilled in what I am doing in life. They say its not work if you love what you do, so I haven’t worked in a very long time!

3. What Is Your Favorite KB Move?
I love the true high pull because it incorporates the whole body – arms, legs, abs. Also, if you add a squat and some kids in the movement it just makes it that much more fun!

4. How Did You Find Fitness?
I have played sports since I was 4 years old so fitness has been second nature to me for a very long time. Years ago, after thinking I needed to work in the business world, I found that I could make a living in fitness and I haven’t looked back since!

5. What Is Your Single Most Defining Factor In Training?
Hard work. Everything is possible in fitness but not unless you have the mindset to get up and get started.

6. What Was Your Biggest Hurdle In Fitness/ Health? And How Did You Get Over It?
Sometimes its very hard for me to stay motivated during the times Im not training for anything specific. When that happens I feed off the energy from everyone in the gym and either recruit some workout partners or think of some workouts I haven’t done in a while to keep it interesting such as new KB moves or themed workouts.

7. Whats On Your Play List In KB Class?
Justin Timberlake, Rhianna, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Calvin Harris, DMX, Beyonce and so many others. It depends on the day and my mood, but no matter whats on, its always a party in my classes!

8. Whats Your Go To Fitness Style?
Tight leggings and form fitting t-shirts or tanks. Basically anything Lulu Lemon has to offer!

9. One Move/ Exercise You Love To Have?
Burpies!!!! All day 🙂

10. How Have Kettlebells Transformed Your Body, And Your Fitness Perspective?
Originally Kettlebells opened my eyes to another way of training outside of dumbbells and barbells, it adds a dynamic aspect that you can’t get from traditional lifting, so it helped me think outside the box when it comes to training. In terms of my own body it has helped me stay lean and strong while helping to increase my cardio without me having to go too heavy.

11. When Do You Teach?
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 10a
Mondays @ 8p & Thursdays @ 7p

12. Why Should I Try Your Class?
Every class is different so I always add variety, and no matter what day you walk into, it will always be fun and engaging but always challenging and intense. You also have to make sure you keep coming so you don’t miss the spontaneous days of Deck of Cards or 20-2!

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