How Your Fitness Outlook Can Change Your Results – plus: Best Home Fitness DVDs Too!


How Your Fitness Outlook Can Change Your Results – & Your Feedback on the Best Home Fitness DVDs…

Why We Train… and What Holds Us Back

As women we all want the same thing out of our workout routines. We want the opportunity to find the very best of ourselves and our bodies. We want to train smart, have fun training and we want to leave the training floor more energized, clear headed and happy then when we got on it.

But sometimes body image or the wrong ideals derail us… 

Don’t let the wrong idea of fitness set you back

What I truly hope for myself, and what I fight to remember every day I look in the mirror is the reason I workout. It’s true, we all want to look great. BUT, I stand very firm on the following ideal, an ideal I would like to share with all of you:
It’s what your body helps you do outside of the gym that matters most! I think that we can all agree, the purpose of our body is not show off on the treadmill or on the bench press machine (boys this goes out to you too), nor is it to flaunt a bare belly on instagram. The true purpose of our body is to use it! To explore the possibilities with-in ourselves and the world around us. To be strong, in all ways. To be confident to take action and opportunities because our strong, agile, healthy and fit body can MOVE and BEND and LIFT and PUSH and PULL and LIVE.

Lesson Learned: 

When I was in Chang Mai with my husband we had an opportunity to ride elephants bare back in the Golden Triangle (not a simple terrain to say the least), the journey was a total of 10 hours. But this is not easy, your body has to be very fit to sustain this because it’s a complete non-stop workout, it’s vigorous. We are talking elephants and no seat- just your legs, arms and core working non stop. So the catch was that you had to be fit and strong enough to squat, balance on a single leg and push and pull yourself up. If I wasn’t fit I would have never had this experience, one of the best and most incredible days of my life.

So, Why do you train?

If you have done a KB class, or one of our fitness programs, or if you have been active at a gym  you are on a journey, the journey of constant self discovery.
Do not let that journey stop you in your tracks because you wanted to show off doing a three finger single arm push-up and got injured, or because you can’t fit into a size zero pair of jeans.

Have greater goals. Have a greater vision for yourself.
Work to be healthy, happy, balanced. Work to ride elephants, catch waves, skate, hike, bike, train martial arts, climb mountains, chase your kids, race your husband in the next marathon. Don’t let a narrow minded view of fitness pave your road.


But I want to look good!?

When you dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle you want the bi-products: a lean, strong, feminine body that is both functional and capable, and yes- looks good!
Furthermore it is entirely okay to want to look good. I started fitness to lose the weight I had gained in the beginning of college, I wanted to look good and feel fit, but that soon changed from being my end goal. All I ask  isthat you have a secondary goal- a greater vision for yourself then just the one you see in the mirror. Just look at the ladies above as an example, they look incredible, but they workout with a greater purpose- find your secondary goal and your goal to look great one will come faster, and with less stress. 

So, What is Exercise? 

Now some of this might actually shock you,

but exercise is not sport. Marathon running, swimming,  playing tennis, basketball, even surfing and martial arts like kickboxing or boxing are sports; they are not a strength training and conditioning exercise routine.  What do I mean?

Lest start in the most basic way:

There is sport and there is exercise- the two are very different. Why we often get mistaken between the two is because in modern day many people have taken up recreational sport activity as a way to stay active and fit (most times using this sport as a form of “exercise”). However sports are not your exercise routine- recreational sports like swimming, running, paying tennis or basketball are all your ‘activities’ ‘sports’ and ‘hobbies’.  Your exercise routine is the strength and conditioning regiment used to get you in shape for your sport and to help you fortify your body and avoid injury from your sport, as well as in your life.

Your exercise program is made for two reasons:

Performance enhancement: a solid exercise program is meant to improve your ability in a specific sport. This is why triathletes, basketball players, tennis players, swimmers and every other professional athlete takes part in a regular, regimented and prescribed strength and conditioning routine.
Injury Prevention: as you train, workout or exercise (all interchangeable terms) you are fortifying and balancing your body. Correct exercise should never ever lead to injury. While it is okay to get injured in your sport (like falling in a hokey or tennis game) it is absolutely NOT okay to get hurt lifting a weight or a kettlebell or doing a push-up, those exercises are made to fortify your body and aid injury prevention.
FIT FACT and this is a fact: exercise should never cause injury. Properly conducted, exercise will instead make the joints and connective more mobile, as well as increase your ability to exert more force. Proper exercise will improve performance and longevity in any activity or sport you do, and do the same in your life.
Weight-loss & Looking Amazing: The bi-product of exercise is a healthy and fit looking body. Yes, I said the bi-product! While many of us take on exercise to lose weight and look better, in the true definition of the term, improved body composition, and increase cardio-respiratory functioning is a simple bi-product of fitness and exercise.

The lesson we need to take away: you MUST build a real foundation of health and achieve incredible, measurable results.

So go on- ENJOY your journey, and thanks for sharing all of your amazing KBbody pictures with us this week on social media, including our favs below!

We love that all of you are getting so much out the Home Fitness programs, including the Scorcher, Body & 7 Day Lean!

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