How to SWING a Kettlebell (Correctly)…


Here are Dasha’s top tips for familiarizing yourself with the equipment:


1. “The first thing people need to understand with kettlebells is that you must ‘link your body’ together into one strong chain of action. This principle secures the fact that you will not be placing any stress of pressure on any one joint or muscle. Additionally it will secure the total-body principles kettlebells are built on. Link your body by: applying proper form, checking your alignment, center of gravity, executing each move with a flow of motion.”

2. “Stay rooted into the ground. Never explode out with the kettlebell and find your heals or toes off balance. In swinging motions especially keep yourself rooted and remember to use the engage the glutes.”

3. “In your swing, DO NOT SQUAT! Generate power with your hips, by pushing your hips back (towards the wall behind you) not by squatting to the floor, then snapping your hips forward.”

4. “Do not buy the tiny five pounds… kettlebells are a total body workout, so go a bit heavier. In traditional kettlebells there is no such thing as a five-pound weight. Remember it’s your entire body lifting the weight, not just your arms!”

5.  w/ your  Scorcher Series DVD
*** If you are at home swinging with the DVD- please watch the Bonus Clip instruction, where  Dasha goes over form. Then take your time and pay attention for FORM first, QUALITY second, CONSISENCY third and SPEED & QUANTITY last!