How To Stay On Track During Holiday Party Season


Go For Grain-free Alcohol
You should make the choice if you are going to drink or not drink at the party. Perhaps, if you’ve been drinking for several days it might be best to take a night off.
But if you are drinking you should have better alternatives. Avoiding grain alcohols, specifically ones made from gluten-containing grains, is a good goal for better recovery. Instead of beer, opt for hard ciders, wine, tequila, brandy, cognac and rum are also all grain-free alcohol options. There are even spirits made exclusively from grapes or potatoes.

Avoid Sugary Holiday Drinks
Again, if you are going to drink avoid the added calories from sugar cordials and mixers. This means staying away from tonic, sodas besides seltzer and all sorts of mixed drinks. If you love mixed drinks try to add fresh fruits and soda water instead of sugary cranberry or orange juice.

Picture 6 PAGE 13Start The Day Green
If you know you are going to have a day full of events, its important to start that day lean and green and on track.
Green all natural juices, vegetable  lunch and all natural proteins like eggs and fish are ideal. It’s also very important to have your usual healthy breakfast or lunch, this way you can stay on track as much as possible.


Don’t ‘Skip’ A Meal To Make Up For Poor Eating
You can’t make up calories by subtracting healthy meals to make up for a bad day. This will only screw around with your hormones and in the end you’ll gain weight and lose lean muscle.
If you plan on having a crazy night, or if you already had a ‘bad’ day full of unhealthy or greasy food the worst thing you can do is skip a meal. Instead just get back on track with a healthy meal and workout.

A Glass Of Lemon Water
Start your day with a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon (to taste). This will help lower your glycemic levels and avoid sugar cravings.

Don’t Go Hungry
Going hungry to a dinner date or a dinner party is fine. But when it comes to cocktail parties and holiday events, especially for larger groups of people its best to eat before hand.
Even if the party is early you never know how late it can go, so plan ahead.
Aim to have anti-inflammatory foods like fish, peppers, onions and a variety of fiber rich greens. Drink plenty of water. These foods will help you recover faster and keep you full and satisfied during the party.

Make A Plan
This is one time of the year where scheduling and writing things down on a calendar might be the best ‘fail safe’ option. Not only will this help you avoid the stress of remembering, but it will also help you plan your workouts, healthy meals and drinking days.
I know it sounds a bit ‘dull’, isn’t life and partying supposed to be spontaneous? Yes, in many ways it is, but during a jam packed holiday season its better to have a plan. This will help you stay on track and avoid unnecessary stress.

Avoid Sauces and Dressings
The worst things you can do is keep dipping your veggies into a calorie filled bowl of sugar and fat. You don’t know what ingredients were used in sauces, and most likely the are full poor quality ingredients. Wheat flour is commonly used in gravy recipes, and sauces typically have refined sugars.
If you do dip, bring your own, or go for organic salsa or all natural Greek yogurt.

It’s Okay To Decline
You don’t have to say yes to every party. It’s important to stay balanced and prioritize the things that matter most to you. If you feel better staying home and taking a to bath – do it!

11210493_810818382300680_8485596220019685136_nDon’t Miss Your Workouts
The worst thing you can do is miss your schedule of regular training. After a night of drinking and bad eating your body should be able to sweat and cleanse itself.
Especially during high stress or highly packed weeks it’s important to keep as much of your routine and program in tact as possible.
REMEMBER: Just because you went out and ate bad doesn’t mean the rest of your healthy habits should be discarded.

Don’t Over Train!
While you should stay on your regular training program it’s important not to spend three hours at the gym trying to ‘make up’ for your drinking and eating. Working out is a form of stressing the body to create a response of strength, health and in-turn weight-loss. If you stay in the gym for three hours you’ll create a stress and overtraining effect, cannibalizing your lean muscle and jeopardizing your health and your results.

There is no workout that should last three hours! A good and RESULT driven workout program should be between thirty to 60 minutes (depending on level of intensity and goals).
Not sure how to workout? Check out our home fitness programs here, they work and they can be used anywhere.

Home Training Can Be The Answer
No time to workout? There is always time… try a home workout, we have ones that are 20 minutes long (so there is no excuse not to get it in!)

Our Strength program is great for men – you can use it to stay on track this holiday season
Our Scorcher Series is incredible for women  – you can use it to stay on track this holiday season

and lastly, Relax and ENJOY!
Thats what the holidays are here for, for your pleasure and celebration!

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