How To Simply Place Mobility Into Any Workout


Today’s Monday Sweat & Strengthen routine includes MOBILITY to get your smaller, weak and in active muscles nice and activated while helping you burn calories and build solid strength through out the entire body.

Plus, THIS WLL FEEL 💯💯 if you were sitting a lot this long weekend (no judgement!)

*make sure to listen with volume,
But, we basically snuck in your mobility work and activation work in your ‘rest sets’
However once you get these ‘in btw’ exercises going you will feel your back BURNING –

This workout is IDEAL FOR SITTING
When you sit you develop an upper-cross syndrome;

  1. Tight hip-flexors
  2. Weak/ inactive glutes
  3. Forward posture
  4. Tight chest & pecks
  5. Week and long rounded back

IF you don’t activate those weak and tight muscles correctly you’ll suffer overuse, weakness, injuries

✔️Works directly to activate glutes & posterior chain
✔️Stability in core (that gun slinger swing makes the core stabilize as the gravity of the KB pulls to one side)
✔️Activates the back – specifically smaller weaker upper and mid back areas

Not only will you gain strength and endurance- sweat and feel great, but this workout also has fat burning & building muscle benefits,
You will work to correct any ‘length tension’ muscle imbalances caused by sitting.

Don’t think you ‘sit much’? We don’t realize how much we do sit,
We sit when we eat, chill, read, work, commute, socialize and watch movies & TV.


  • 1min kB swing to half-beat swing
  • 1min mobility left – get as far as you can, hip can turn
  • 1min mobility right – just as shown!
  • 1min gunslinger left
  • 1min mobility left
  • 1min gun slinger right
  • 1min mobility right
  • 1min swing switch w/ single arm half beat – keep shoulder in line & Lats packed
  • 1min back mobility as shown – no shrugging shoulders
    REST 2mins
    Repeat above circuit 3x and you are done! Stronger, fitter and more mobile.


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