How To Execute A Kettlebell Snatch – PLUS, Your Snatch Workout


How To Execute A Kettlebell Snatch

First lets take a good look at the video:
*please listen with volume so that you can get all of the cue’s


Now, essentially you nee dot have four things mastered prior to going into the Snatch:

  1. Kettlebell swing and single arm swing
  2. Kettlebell Clean
  3. Overhead Press and Push Press
  4. Kettlebell Highpull

Now, the reason you need to mater each of those motions is simple:

The Snatch requires a hip-hint SWING first, then you nee dot have good strong and stable shoulders in overhead motions as well as the kettlebell grip and hold that can be developed through a proper press push-press.

The clean is a swinging transition, and key to developing your motions with the kettlebell, so it is important to understand that first before going into a far more advanced version like the Snatch.

Finally, the high-pull is a motion that teaches you to swing and ‘pull’ the KB up, its is like doing 75% of the Snatch, and should be mastered first. The motion also helps you develop good and strong posterior shoulders and the smooth transition needed for the Snatch.


Now, there are two snatches we want you to look at:

  • Full Snatch (you can see it in the video)
  • Snatch with negative press down

Now, for anyone with shoulder problems (given you are cleared for this) we would always recommend the negative down (also seen in the video), as it is a motion that can help you stabilize on the way down and keep that shoulder nice and safe, and also develop strength in the shoulder, arms and lats.

The difference is not swinging the kettlebell back down on the 90 degrees, but instead from overhead simply pressing it slowly to a racked position and then swinging down from there.

Master the negative, prior to doing the full swing down (your benefits are virtually the same, so don’t stress that you aren’t doing as much work.)

The Kettlebell Snatch Step-by-Step

• Perform the single-arm high pull from the swing to the top of the high pull.
• At the top of the high pull, open the hand wide and continue the up- ward movement of the kettlebell by thrusting the hand through the han- dle toward the ceiling.
• As you exhale, straighten the elbow and pause for a moment with your leg, elbow, shoulder, and wrist in a straight line, holding the kettlebell overhead.
• Bend your arm slightly and allow the kettlebell to free-fall down between the legs.
• It is important not to allow the kettlebell to go too far down; at the bot- tom of the movement, keep the wrist at pubic bone level.
• Remember that the kettlebell is snatched overhead using the posterior chain, not the arm.



Want a Workout with a SNATCH in it, here you go!


•1min KB swings (standard – hip hinge)
•1min Lateral crawls
•1min Overhaed swing
•1min Spiderman Crawls
•1min swing ladder complex – standard, overhead & squat swing
•1min leopard kickouts

Repeat the circuit above 4x and you have an incredible total body: core, cardio, arm, glute, leg and back strength and sculpting workout.