How Miss NY USA Got ‘Stage Ready’ KB Style w/ Dasha & the Team

How did Miss NY USA Joanne Nosuchinsky get that stage worthy, bikini body? and yes- this girl knows how to do a push-up, swing a kb and much, much more…

The Miss USA beauty contest has been held annually since 1952 to select the United States entrant in the Miss Universe pageant. It was a true honor for both Dasha and Kettlebell Kickboxing to represent the pageants East Coast contestants this year, and help them get and stay in shape through the competition and preparation process. In Dasha’s own words; “The call to be an official trainer for the Miss USA brand was like a true badge of honor. It was truly a moment of – uhhhhh they get what I am doing! Empower women with strength and get them to look and feel their best – YES!” 

From the moment Joanne had the Miss NY USA crown placed on her head she was ready for all the hard work ahead. “The first day she walked our studio, the girl was ready for action. I had worked with Miss NY USA to help prepare the many contestants, but once I began work with Joanna I knew exacatly why she had taken the crown. She was the most optimistic, genuine, hard working and simply awesome ‘beauty queen’ I had ever met. Joanna and all of my staff instantly hit it off”

Joanne trained Kettlebell Kickboxing religiously, she was in the studio 3-4 times a week. Was it worth it? Ummm…  check out these amazing bikini pictures. She also has both the Scorcher series & Body series DVDs and enjoys them on days she couldn’t make it to the studio. Being Miss NY USA is a lot of work.

“I placed Joanne on a strict Body Series program. She followed the training program and diet/ nutrition program exactly as we have it in the Body series. She supplemented some of the DVDs with live classes, but the regiment was the same as i use for any of my other girls. And as you can see- it works!” – Dasha 



Joanna’s interview with Shape magazine is here:

SHAPEAnd what will you do now to prep for Miss USA?
JN: I have an amazing sponsor, Dasha, from Kettlebell Kickboxing, so that’s going to become part of my regimen. It’s really high-energy and combines cardio and weights. What’s really great is that Dasha trains a lot of the Victoria’s Secret models, so in no way will I have to worry about bulking up. It’s just going to be a matter of getting those long, lean muscles and that gorgeous, curvy physique.

 Want to hear more about Joanna, heres some more Shape Magazine Q & A’s. 

SHAPE: Can you give some advice for people currently trying to achieve their goals?
JN: I think the best piece of advice would be to know yourself. Really dig deep, do some soul searching, and know exactly what it is that you want. I think if you can clearly define what you’re after, it’s easier to get there because you can make a plan and stay focused.

SHAPE: What do you wish more people knew about the pageant world?
JN: It’s really not as cliché as they think it is. It’s not just about waving and looking pretty. And it’s not super catty; it’s really a great group of women getting together and celebrating. It’s a celebration of beauty, brains, your background, and how far you’ve come, as well as the opportunity to pick a platform and really promote a charity and a cause that is near and dear to your heart.

Foe her Diet, I made sure Joanne followed our Body Series program guidelines, and of course right before competition, we went a little bit stricter and followed the Body Series Nutrition book to the last word:

SHAPE: How did you change your diet to prepare for the competition?
JN: I’m never one to really restrict myself on what I eat. I believe that moderation is the best way to live your life. I definitely had to cut out some of those carbohydrates—the sugars, the white starches—but when I have a craving, I usually let myself have a little bit of something.

The staff, and all of us at Kettlebell Kickboxing were super honored to have Joanne not only love her training, but become a very close part of our family. She’s an incredible girl and this pageant is an awesome way for all types of women to display their talents, character and the beauty and strength and diversity all of us women carry with us every day.

XoKb and Xo Joanne!