Guiltless Chocolate, Good For You Ice Cream, Spaghetti… read on! Dasha’s favorite “good for you” #KBBody treats

Hi KB Community!

So, another day another chocolate craving. I don’t know about you but I have them… and it’s not that I don’t have will power or strength. The truth is that I don’t over eat, I don’t live in my fridge – I workout, I am healthy. But I also like chocolate, and sometimes I don’t want to fight the craving, I would like to enjoy it…

So for all of the hard work you guys put into our workouts together I want to reward you – guilt free! So here are my favorite, all natural, picks for all of your chocolate, ice cream, sweet stuff cravings:

1. Chocolate Craving!


When you want chocolate late night… go for chocolate tea! Add some stevia or agave and you are all set. Yes – it truly, honestly tastes like chocolate!

There are also other amazing flavors of tea, most of which you do not need a gourmet grocery store. For example, I found this the Red Velvet tea in C town! And for those that are adventurous, I actually found tomato flavored tea. However, I have never met anyone looking to rid themselves of a late night tomato eating habit.

If you are not a tea fan, try all natural 10 calorie coco mix in hot water, add Stevia to taste, and perhaps a small amount of almond milk ,and you have healthy, guilt-free hot chocolate!

Need to chew? My fav are these coco dusted, all natural, portioned out 100 calorie almond packs! Afraid you’ll eat more then one pack? Leave the container in the car, and bring only one or two packs up with you a day. Remember – you gotta fool your body sometimes (but all with good intentions of course!).



2. Ice Cream

Freezing berries every night and passing them off as ice cream while your boyfriend scarfs down a gallon of vanilla goodness getting to you a bit? We got ya! Try this, its one of Dasha’s favorite ice creams…






3. Spaghetti

Craving a bowl of guilt free spaghetti – look no more! Cook this with your meat, your sauce, your tofu, your chicken, and your fish. At 25 calories a serving, 4 servings a pack. Zero carbohydrates and no sugars this “pasta” alternative is a win-win for all of your pasta craving! Paleo people – you can thank us later.


XoKb – your trainer & fellow Kettlebell Kickboxer Dasha Libin Anderson, MS, NASM-PES, NASE, MKC-2 😉

Now go on… enjoy 🙂 and if you like these or have any of your own suggestions post below and let our Community know!