Going SPICY means Getting SEXY!?

Heat Up  & Speed Up Your Burn with Hot Peppers and Chili’s 

Adding hot foods like herbs, spices and hot peppers to your diet can do more then turn up your taste buds. Studies have shown that hot foods in the form of spices helps rev up the burn internally as well.  Spices help enhance calorie burn because of the heat they produce internally and the body’s need to intake more oxygen, using more energy and burning additional calories.

Additional to the heat, spices and herbs of all types are a great source of antioxidants. Many hot peppers contain capsaicin, the antioxidants that have been proven to help prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  And, they help add flavor to our foods with out the additional calories and additives we see in condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise. Aim to find salt free spices and even replace some of the salt you place in your food with chills and pepper.

Dasha’s Home Cookin’ TIP: 

Leave the ketchup, mayo and salad dressing on the shelf (who needs the added sugar and calories). Instead use authentic spices like pepper, chili’s, garlic, lemon, ginger,  and vinegar to flavor any salad, meal or BBQ. The spices are no calorie, no sugar healthy substitutes that can help your body get Long, Lean and Strong.