Get A FREE KB Class, Major Discounts & More – JUST FOR GIVING BACK


We’ve Got A New Policy

Donate Blood Get A Free KB Class
Donate To Global Giving Get A Free KB Class
or, get 20% off on anything in the KB Store

I was speaking to my husband the other day about giving.
Giving back, making things better, changing the world.
I voiced how difficult I thought it was, to get out there and do something that truly matters. How hard it is to find the time and the resources to transform the world.

And then Dan pulled up a thousand examples of tiny little acts in this world that amounted to great things. You can’t transform anything with one action he said, you can however build something through many small meaningful acts.




And so we are now instilling a new and very simple policy for all of your KB classes.

**This policy will never expire. This policy has no limit per person. And sure, perhaps it won’t change the world, but hey, the good we do together will accumulate into something great!
ANY TIME you give blood and can present proof we’ll credit you a Free KB class (this offer never expires, and has no limit per person).

For those of you that do not live in NYC, if you email us proof, myself or my staff will email you a 20% discount code off any online fitness programs!

If you cannot give blood then we will extend the same offer for anyone that presents a receipt in their name for any amount of contribution given to GlobalGiving *this offer limited to 1 per month.

‪#‎happyGiving everyone 😉

FACTS from Red Cross: There’s an emergency need for blood.
In just an hour of your time, you can help save up to three lives.

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