Food you can eat with no limit! we said it… #KBBody

Hi KB Community,

We thought that we would start off the #LoveYourJeans nutrition post with the most simple and awesome piece of information… Foods that you can eat virtually limitlessly and never gain weight.

Now, its not that we want to promote poor discipline, or over consumption. We ask that all of you follow your KBBody and/ or KB scorcher Nutrition guides (they work!).

But Dasha did want to help you make great choices with cooking and picking healthy food that is satisfying. We also know that many of you like to snack, and the KB Body program does ask you try and avoid limitless snacking, these foods are great options for snacks (with out the crazy calories or guilt!).

Calorie Grade Veggies & Fruits!

Fun Fact: a cucumber is a fruit (yes! look it up)

Why we LOVE the foods below? High in fiber & water rich

These veggies are so high in fiber and water content, and low in calories that you can eat virtually all you want of them, and never get fat. You could – no exaggeration – eat about 5 servings at every meal.

***Add these into your salads, your dishes or your snacks! Just remember the cals below are for raw versions of these foods.

Here they are. The numbers are the calories, in case you were wondering – all portions are 1 cup:

  •                                Cabbage  16
  •                                Carrots 70
  •                                Cucumbers 16
  •                                Eggplant  45
  •                                 Green peppers 20
  •                                Lettuce 10
  •                                Mushrooms 18
  •                                Onions  44
  •                                Squash 36
  •                               Spinach   12
  •                                Zucchini 29

Eat these as snacks, use the as ‘fillers’ in your breakfast/ lunch/ dinners- these are PERFECT to keep you full and healthy- the fiber content is PERFECT- learn to USE these in abundance in your- salads, omelets, pastas, garnishes, side dishes, lunches, dinners, snacks.

XoKb, Stay Focused -Dasha