Making Fitness Progress And KEEPING It (Once And For All)… For Life


Hi everyone!

There was a time when reaching to pick out an outfit was an anxiety producing act for me. So was going out to do physical activity, participating in sports.

The moment I had to go out and do something physical or show off my body I became engulfed with guilt and fear and shame.
“I am out of shape, I am incapable, my inside doesn’t match my outside…”  those where the thoughts constantly going through my mind.

Eventually, that pattern became unacceptable to me. Other people were able to enjoy their bodies — but clearly, I wasn’t one of them!
So I did what I always do when I found myself living in a strangers skin, I promised myself I was going to figure this thing out once and for all. That I was going to do whatever it took to educate myself, change my patterns and finally create healthier and wiser fitness and nutrition habits.

That was over a decade and a half ago, and I am proud to say that I’ve kept those results (and learned a lot in the process), evolving constatly with my personal goals and my progress.

And so, this year I truly hope that whethere it’s how you look (you are not in your best, strongest, fittest shape), how you feel (in chronic pain, injury stricken) or what your habits may be (stressed, tired, poor eating habits) we deal with it and move past it ONCE AND FOR ALL!

And so, to deal with the issues in front of us we must do the following thing: Face Them Head On, And Create A Solid Solution – Once And For All … (so lets get to it)

Take a pen and paper, or use your computer notepad and list the following things out:

1. Identify who you are right now (literally list out all of the good and all of the ‘could be better’ and then the bad)

2. Identify the things that you want to change (weight, food habits, sleeping habits, lack of activity, overuse pain, no time to workout…)

3. Identify what is prohibiting you from making those changes (time limitations, lack of training or nutrition education, stress, energy)

Now, lets deal with this stuff…

Lets discuss every single one of your excuses:

1. No Time
It can be said that if you value it, you’ll find time. And in a lot of cases this can be true – but even I (who values my training greatly) run out of time on a busy day of meetings, family and life… so heres how to shave off an easy 1 to 3 hours off of your workout:

1. Training at home can save you HUGE hours in commenting, changing, getting dressed (on average 1 to 2 hrs)
2. Training at home can save cooking time (throw the chicken in the oven, workout in the living room as it cooks)
3. You DO NOT need to do an hour workout in order to see results and make real progress…
4. You don’t have to workout every day BUT, you MUST be on a program of training to see results
5. Plan

IN FACT: A great, solid and expert made home fitness program can help you get on a program and see results quicker, all without leaving the house.
Try any of our home fitness programs (all under an hour) all of which you can do from home, our 7 day lean program doesn’t even require a weight!
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2. It’s Expensive To Eat Right
Yes and no. It can get really expensive to make juices and buy organic foods, yes.
But luckily there are now amazing all natural green powders that have all of the same nutrients of a home made juice at a fraction of the price.
Shopping in season helps a lot, and veggies and fruits that are typically in season are far less expensive. So are frozen veggies and fruits (half the price and great for smoothies, sides and desert). Buy proteins locally .
But mainly, if you stop buying snacks and junk food you’ll have far more money to buy real, nutrient rich foods.

3. I Can’t Afford A Gym Membership/ Or A Trainer
You don’t need to! If you love your workout class, or gym- go for it, but if you don’t love going to the gym (or hate it) or you simply can’t budget for it right now, then there no need!

There are amazing home training options. A good result driven home fitness DVD, especially the one that is a program and has a beginner video can take the place of a trainer by creating an actual program (by a professional and not just what you think works).

4. I’m Addicted To Food
This happens, and often, and to many people. And like with any addiction it’s all about creating good habits and getting rid of bad ones.
Start by controlling one meal (the one you like least), then the second meal and finally, about twenty one days after meal one and two are under portion and quality control you begin to change the last meal.
Good news? Exercise and good sleep helps you control cravings and food habits.

5. I Have A Stressful Job (So I eat, and have no time to train)
Stress is stress, and there are many things (like your boss needing that report, or your business needing a new space for expansion) but, luckily, there are things that have been scientifically proven to receive stress:
1. regular (smart – on a program/ not random) exercise
2. natural, nutrient rich nutrition
3. sleep (quality sleep)
4. smiles (yes, smiling more and laughing more relive stress)

6. I Can’t Sleep Well (Enough)
It’s not the hours so much as the quality of your sleep. Poor sleeping habits are caused mainly by poor diet, stress and a lack of proper physical activity. So, if you begin to eat better and exercise properly you will sleep better (it’s simple science and it works).

7. I Have Injuries And Overuse Pain  (knees, back, shoulders…) So I Can’t Workout
Did you know that most overuse pain (that’s your chronic knee pain, back pain, ankle and shoulder pain) is caused by muscle imbalances – and those are caused only by three things:
1. improper workouts, over training, poor form in training
2. lack of proper strength training
3. sitting and lack of over all activity

8. I’m Not Fit Enough To Workout
What does that really mean? Does that mean that you have to do another workout to start your real workout? It’s always very funny when people say this kind of stuff because basically: You Can’t Get Fit For Fitness and You Can’t Get Healthy For Health – you just have to start the journey!
We make fitness very simple for you with our home fitness programs
The Body Series is ideal for complete beginners (especially with a body breakdown area and a 45min beginner DVD)
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9. It’s Too Late For Me To Get In Shape
WRONG! Physics is physics, biomechanics is biomechanics and both of them say that if you eat well, and lift weights (yes strength training is a MUST, especially the older you get), and if you stay active, begin to eliminate stress and get to know your body you can sport a bikini, run a marathon, play sports and add years to your life at ANY age!

10. I Have Bad Genetics (There’s no use)
This excuse isn’t good enough anymore! Studies show that genetics is only 10-15% responsible for your troubles (and trouble zones) – the other 90 to 85% is all on you and includes activity, stress, nutrition, smart workouts (all of the things that you can change/ we can change together).

So! Stop Making Excuses and Lets Get This GOAL Thing Started!