The person that taught me HOW TO FLY!

The person that taught    me  HOW TO FLY!

In our lives we are lucky if we come across a person that can influence us to be great, to want more and to never accept anything less then our full capability for evolution.

Almost seven years ago I walked through the door of a very well known, and even better hidden Martial Arts school – in search of a person (a slight myth) who was all of the things I had pictured from a great master- expect for his dress, his age, his speech and even his music choices.  Young, wild, talented, fearless, limitless, a visionary, a martial scholar and an old soul – I am proud to say today that he only got smarter with age, more creative and careful with his abilities.

Dan Anderson has changed my life – not in the cuddly loving way most people picture two people together; making dinner and discussing their weekend plans. No- Sifu Dan Anderson  through his limitless quest to enhance those that dedicate, empower those that listen and give to all those that will take with true understanding and love, gave me a path to a personal evolution that I KNOW I would not have reached on my own.

He taught me everything I know in martial arts. He pushed the limits of everything I knew about myself. He taught me to be a teacher, he told me to be a scholar, he asked me to be his partner and he never stops making me a BETTER, more AWARE version of myself.

I want you guys to know what Anderson’s is. Who Dan Anderson is, and how- even though you might be taking a class taught by me, he has influenced and facilitated Dasha Libin (the martial artists, the athlete, the teacher, the writer, the women, the person).