Don’t Want To Workout Today? 20 Of These (One Every Half Hour) and STILL get A Total Body Burn!



Don’t wanna workout today?! That’s Okay! It happens! But you also don’t want to feel guilty about it right?

JUST do 20 of these (the move featured in the video above)  anytime in the day, even one every half hour! — > we DARE you!
Sometimes it’s OKAY to feel a bit ‘lazy’ on a Saturday… even (yes, even) if it is your ‘Go To’ #workout day… and so Dasha wanted to give you this ‘stretch-to-strength-to-burn’ feel good option —-> the downward dogs aligns the hips and stretches the hamstrings (breathe), the Leopard or Seal pushUp strengthens the back, core, arms and chest and the thruster up and back gives the abs a bonus burn 🔥, all while raising the 💙 heart rate.

So —–> get up/ or get down & do 20 total! 👈👈 Take as many breaks as you need, just get twenty done throughout the day today, where ever and when ever that may be!!!

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