Indecision Is A Dream Killer!

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In my opinion indecision is the greatest dream killer.

After signing up to our newsletters and getting all of our information, bonus books and everything else our community had to offer, did you start training regularly? Implement some of the concepts we’ve discussed? Adjust some of your own nutrition habits?

Be honest.

When you first saw our programs did you think to yourself:

Couldn’t this opportunity show up just a wee bit later — when I finally figured out what the heck I was doing?!

I’m not ready to start yet.

I’ll revisit this next week.

But you and I both know — with some of the BEST things in life — you can’t control the timing.

In fact, amazing opportunities often present themselves way before we think we’re ready.

Did you know that I decided to get on a training program way before I was mentally ready.

That one decision to start before I was ready was the launching off point for what became a very successful and soul enlivening health and fitness journey, and eventually an incredible career.

That one decision to start before I was ready changed everything for me. In fact almost every successful person I know starts before they feel ready.

I’ll bet that some of your best decisions have come because you bypassed your fearful “I’m not ready yet” thoughts and, instead, chose to follow your heart.

If you’ve been on the fence saying, “I’m not going to start on a program, I can do it on my own…  because I don’t feel quite ready yet”, I strongly encourage you to join the countless KB women that dedicated themselves to one of our fitness and nutrition home programs.

Because I can promise you this…

You’ll never feel ready to make the impact you deserve. I never did. But I started anyway!

You must find the courage to rise above your fear, r what ever else is stopping you. Despite what your thoughts say, you’re ready right now.

As Nelson Mandela famously said — may your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.

That is my wish for you in every area of your life.

And I truly hope to see you soon, on training floor and in your living room!

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