Dear First Sunday Of The Year… (going beyond fitness goals)

Dear first Sunday of the year,

Feeling good is the new looking good for me…
and so I’ll ask you to be my one focus point for each week; a day every week in 2016 upon which I can reflect over the great things I’ve accomplished and the things I’ve yet to do.

But I’ll reflect without any stress or guilt, just with a positive attitude for the amazing things yet to come.

I’ll also use you to plan my week; structuring the days I plan on being most active, getting my workouts in and making sure I have plenty of great all natural food options in the fridge.

And I’ll plan out the week without stress, knowing that if just 75% of what I list out gets accomplished in the week to come – I did a great job.

And most of all, I’ll devote you to myself; a day where I can ?workout? or veg out – guiltlessly. A day where I can move about the world freely, be it going on a hiking adventure or curling up with a book and a glass of wine.

Dear Sunday, let’s work together in 2016, a day where I can realign my passions, plan adventures, create memories, cast aside negativity, smile a lot and plan to set the week ‘a blaze’!

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