Dasha’s Shape Magazine Kettlebell Kickboxing – TUT (Time Under Tension) Workout



Use Dasha’s SHAPE Magazine Workout as a Bonus Session this week (or any week):
So, I had an great opportunity to once again work with Shape Magazine for their May workout feature – and I chose some classic kettlebell moves (see the windmill below),

BUT more importantly I discussed the idea of TUT (Time-Under-Tension)

Now, I want you to use this principle when you miss a KB workout during any of your 8 weeks, and are in a HURRY! But sill need to get it done:

Use the pictures as references below and do this:

4 ROUNDS (if you have time)
2 or 3 IF YOU ARE SUPER PRESSED for time

THE MOVES (see pics below)

In this order:

  • TUT Pushups
  • TUT Alternating Lunges
  • TUT Rows alternating Sides
  • TUT Deadlift
  • TUT Windmill
  • TUT Squat
  • TUT Overhead Sit Up
  • TUT for this workout is:

5 REPS of 5 second count down (or up, depending on the move)/ 5 second reps back down (or up)
So in a pushup it will be a 5 count down, and without rest a 5 count up
If 5 is easy, do 10, if 10 is easy 15 and then 20!
Same goes for lunges, for deadlifts, Rows and the Windmills! All of exercises written above and shown below.
4 Sets of JUST 5 REPS OF EACH! But that one set is long (5 seconds, or 10) and see if you can have a timer if front of you so you wont cheat!
Take a long 2-3 min rest between the circuit sets!


When push-ups were performed at a 2/2 cadence as opposed to a self-paced cadence, the reps dropped almost in half, but the work duration—i.e., the time under tension—more than doubled.

How to use it, and why use it:

Monitoring the actual time that a muscle is “under tension” during an exercise by using a clock or stopwatch, and recording this parameter.
When people add TUT training in their workouts, it simply makes them work harder and also smarter. The training slows you down, which helps create better awareness of proper lifting technique, and eliminates the presence of momentum during the exercise (momentum isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in too many exercises it can hurt you or hinder the actual exercise goals). Many people don’t know what a real push up or pull up should feel like simply due to the issue of momentum, but when its taken away via TUT, your muscle, tendons, ligaments and joints will thank you!

Look familiar? TUT is used in our KB Strength Series (ideal for very fit guys and gals looking to build crazy strength and healthy muscle tone).

You’ll challenge the body and engage the muscles, helping you get the most out of every motion.