Dasha’s Final Thoughts, KB Community & Our 2013 Year Book #KBBody

Hi everyone, and Happy Holidays!

It has truly been an amazing year and an amazing journey thus far. Perhaps a more fulfilling, exciting, challenging and eye opening journey then I could have ever imagined. I would like to thank all of you for being a part of it. For putting all of your goals, your hard work and your dedication out there for all of us to see and to be inspired by.

When I started KB it was mainly with the support of my husband, my family, dear friends and the Anderson’s Martial Arts community that I took this leap of faith. At the time I never expected anything like what we have today. It was only three years ago that I took my long time methodology of training, nutrition and health to the public.

What I received in return was something I never expected…

a community, a family, a support system spanning countries and oceans. I gained some of my closest friends through this journey. I met amazing women. I was inspired by your stories. We did events together and raised money for charity. We supported one another; you guys supported and trusted me and I truly hope that I did the same for all of you.


Fitness and health are concepts that can be viewed in multiple ways and skewed in countless ways. There are of course superficial layers to ‘fitness’  as there are healthy ones. However I truly believe that with a good program and a strong community, like the KB Community we are building together every single day, women of all sizes, ages, goals and stages of health can reach balance, happiness and success. Furthermore they can grow and evolve in a healthy and empowering way. When you truly connect to your body, you become aware of your health, and you begin to plan and get excited for the future.  

I also believe that when you have a community behind you, like the one we have built and are continuing to build through our classes, Facebook, our You Tube, Instagram, Twitter and the KB Blog you can not fail! Your trainers (myself and the girls) and your training partners won’t allow you to fail!  Even if you are half a world away training in your living room, simply going on the Facebook page or joining a KB discussion, or connecting on our You Tube channel (which will launch Jan 1st) will keep you around like-minded women. People that have similar struggles, goals, hopes and concerns.


I created a fitness method to empower people to find the best version of themselves-to harness, to transformation, to discover, to inspire and be inspired without ever plateauing or getting stuck in a glass box. I’m constantly pushing myself and my students to step outside of their comfort zones and move their bodies, minds and dreams to new levels. I know that if you have a scientific program and a strong community no matter where you start, the journey of self discovery and success in inevitable.  

Let me share our KB  2014 Goals and Plans

I set out to bring something that helped me lose weight and get healthy and strong, that I believed in, to a few women I knew. What I got was something far more special. People from London, Brazil, Australia,  Ohio, Kansas, Russia, Tokyo (to name a few) began messaging and emailing their stories. Suddenly our AMAA & KB family had grown far and beyond our New York City boarders. Suddenly I felt more connected to these women (you) then ever. Suddenly our KB path became clear to me. Suddenly things began to make more and more sense.

I would like to share with all of you my KB goals, hopes and dreams for 2014.

You Tube & KB Supplemental Videos

 First and foremost I want to bring our KB Community even closer. I want us all to have a home, a place where we can go and connect, when we need, or disconnect when we feel the need. A safe place of like-minded people. Plus a place we can trust; no gimmicks, just pure and valuable information.

Myself and my team have worked tirelessly to launch our KB You Tube Channel by January 1st.

This will not be a random channel of clips. I make a promise to all of you here and now that I will put my heart and soul into this project, however as always I ask that you do the same in return and support us (comment, follow, like, dislike, ask)!

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  • Monday the Kettlebell Kickboxing channel will post Lifestyle clips.
  • update and inspire your week, as well as share, goals set, check in with each other & connect. We will also share KB success stories & Students of the month here.
  • Every Wednesday (#HumpDay) we will post Workout Tips, Quick Workouts and Additions to your Scorcher & Body DVDs!
  • since mid-week is where everything typically goes haywire, we think it’s best to bring quick, smart and effective fitness routines, additives & tips to you mid-week.
  • On Friday’s, which we will call #FoodieFriday myself and my team will discuss tips, recipes and the science behind guiltless, yummy, healthy eating.
  • since most of our KBers say that it is toughest to stay on track with healthy nutrition of the weekends, we hope the Friday clips help inspire you to stay on track yet still enjoy every weekend bite. 

New Programs 

I also plan on launching a new and very unique, non kettlebell downloadable DVD and Nutrition set by wedding season!

Lastly, by the summer I will have the KB Bikini Bible Nutrition Book – a downloadable online version.


We also plan on unveiling an amazing NYC surprise for all of our members on Jan 2nd. All of you that can, come on by the Academy the first week of January! Its going to be amazing!

In February Dasha will be teaching KB with Nike in Stockholm and afterwards traveling through Europe with jewel and Sifu Anderson to visit and teach in some amazing fitness facilities. So all of our European friends- connect with us and join us Feb 1st-11th.

This spring we will do our Charity KB walk through NYC and a KB Picnic in the summer! (stay tuned, it will be awesome)

Last year we raised 10,000 for Joyful Hearts- can we do it again for a new charity?

So, those are my goals for KB and for you- now share your 2014 goals with us on our Facebook page!

Happy Holidays and lots of love and gratitude-

XoKb- your trainer, friend and kettlebell kickboxer, Dasha Libin Anderson

Lets make 2014 Amazing! 

Its 2013 Year Book Time, #Enjoy

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