Dasha on BlackBelt Magazine’s Top 10 Arts for Self Defense Feature

Check Out Dasha in BlackBelt Magazine‘s Top 10 Arts for Self Defense Feature! She was the ONLY female asked to comment on her favorite arts for Self Defense.

Luckily, Dasha brings her martial arts and fitness expertise to every KB class, making it a unique and beneficial training experience. Unlike most fitness classes, Dasha’s class always has a martial flare, which allows every woman to tap into her warrior self and BRING IT each and every time they step onto the training floor! Allowing the body and mind to synchronize and see amazing results.

Dasha has always said, “Every single woman that comes into my class influences me to be better. I might see someone struggling through class,and then they keep coming back and a month later they look so good, jumping and swinging – That is my inspiration, it makes me happy, keeps me motivated and dares meĀ  to be creative.”

Dasha would like to dedicate this article feature to ALL of the strong and dedicated, hardworking chicks that take her class! Specifically, she would like to mention her amazing mom, who always takes classes and looks absolutely amazing! Dasha’s mom was her first fitness inspiration and throughout her life Dasha’s mom has been an inspiration in most things. “She is amazing and I want to be as strong and willing as she is,” says Dasha. Also, to her sister, who recently gave birth to an incredible baby girl! No words here just a big WOW! AMAZING! And last but certainly not the least, her fiance, Sifu Dan Anderson, who refined Dasha’s martial arts knowledge and is never too far away from the training floor. His teaching and accomplishments inspire her daily.