Custom Exercise Program Design by Dasha, exclusively for you.

The only way to reach your bodies full potential is with
custom exercise and program design.

To get more information on Custom Program Design, as well as any questions you have about your goals, progress and any roadblocks you may be experiencing - email me! Let's talk.

Custom Exercise Program Design by Dasha, exclusively for you.

The only way to reach your bodies full potential is with
custom exercise and program design.

To get more information on Custom Program Design, as well as any questions you have about your goals, progress and any roadblocks you may be experiencing - email me! Let's talk.



  • Complete beginners, fitness plateaus, advanced/ pro athlete progression
  • Weight-loss or weight (muscle) gain
  • Health goals; ward off chronic illness, postural pain, energy, mood, and overall life performance
  • Getting you pain-free from chronic overuse or postural pain (knees, back, neck…)
  • Performance enhancement in your sport/ art, or any performance goal
  • Building strength, mobility, and body ownership
  • Plateaus: those that have reached ‘some’ of their fitness goals but just can’t take it further, be it in performance, esthetics or both
  • Muscle definition
  • Strength, endurance, life agility
  • Pre or post-pregnancy
  • Education & guidence
  • Mentorship

Why Custom Program Design is a Game Changer

Have you invested in yourself lately?

Planning on it?  What is your plan? Your plan to get you to and past your goals?

To truly get you STRONGER, HEALTHIER, and reach each and every milestone you’ve been hoping to reach ‘if only’: you had more time? resources? guidance?

The only way to reach any goal is with a plan you can execute: which means following a training program for your goals.

Proper, result driven training must have

  • Structure
  • Intention
  • Progression
  • Skill emphasis
  • Scale and purpose
  • Applies progressive overload principles
  • Mobility and strength emphasis
  • Follows exercise science principles
  • This is the only way that you can make true progress and sustain all of your hard work.

Following a training program is far superior to going into the gym each day doing random things, or just winging it in your living room.

In fact (this is a fact) it is THE ONLY WAY TO REACH and surpass any and all fitness and physical health goals: weight-loss, optimal body composition, performance enhancement, strength, power, agility.

Have a plan programmed by a professional, follow the plan, track your progress each week, have specific performance goals, set personal records, gain range of motion, get out of pain and take the stress out of randomizing and chasing results you’ll never get without a real strategic, scientific approach.

If you do these things, you will be successful. You will reach and surpass every goal you have set for yourself. There’s no way around it.

Gym? No Gym? Doesn't matter...


Dasha has created hundreds of custom programs.
Thos programs include:

  • Gym access
  • At home only training
  • Limited Equipment: Bands and Bodyweight Only
  • Other Home Equipment: Kettlebell or Dumbbell

Dasha can and will work in your gym’s equipment, or she can get you the same results with the simple use of highly effective tools like bands and leverage points (your couch and door) and a towel.

New to exercise? Every single program from Dasha comes with a custom link to a video of every move, be is a simple push up (with all modifications and advanced options) or a more detailed kettlebell swing or banded hip thrust.


How it works?

  • A detailed questionnaire and a series of moves Dasha must see you do for her evaluation are sent to you.
  • Complete the questions, send the videos and receive a full goal and movement assessment report from Dasha, along with her game plan.
  • The program designed will be 100% customized, and can work within any and all limitations and time constraints- which you and Dasha will determine together.
  • Get video and detailed explanation of every move.
  • Text/ email access to Dasha personally 24/7, no question is too small.
  • Evey 4 weeks Dasha will expect a full progress report, and based on your progress and any changes in your goals/ schedule, Dasha will send you your next 4-month program.

PHASE 1-2-3-4-5

  • Get pain free, move with quality, own your motion
  • Gain full range of motion, mobility, strength, and lifting/ workout skill
  • Weight-loss and/ or gain: Achieve your Ideal & healthy body composition
  • Build strength, strength endurance, and enhance your performance in life
  • Prevent Injury prevention and postural distortions from daily sitting or daily activity
  • Learn maintenance and sustainability
  • Contineu to progress in new goals you and Dasha establish together
  • Finish your 6 or 12-month program with a full education and game plan on training for your body, your goals and your personal progress


  • New to exercise and want to get it right; learn, not waste your time and avoid injury?
  • Working out for a while now and not seeing your full potential?
  • Need results (real lasting results) for a specific milestone, occasion?
  • Doctor says you need to get active: cardiovascular, respiratory health, diabetes, cholesterol, a disease runs in your family, bone density?
  • Pre-menopausal health
  • Hormonal balance
  • Strength and Resilience
  • Energy and mood
  • Injury prevention
  • Performance enhancement
  • Range of motion, mobility
  • Getting out of postural pain (sitting posture, other repetitive posture causing you pain and agony)
  • Post re-hab training and strength
  • Sport or Art (martial arts, football… you name it) performance enhancement
  • Learning the skill and art of lifting, strength, and kettlebells
  • Post-partum
  • Pre-pregnancy (get in the best shape of your life to have a baby)
  • Goal assessment and development
  • Programming education
  • and so much more…


Dasha 6 months Postpartum. Using her programs to get fit.

Eva lost 40 pounds;
stronger, leaner, healthier!

Dasha has designed custom programs for hundreds of men and women with a great variety of goals.

About Dasha L Anderson, MS, NASM-PES, KBIA-M

Dasha Anderson, new mom, wife, business owner and health and wellness educator. Dasha has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, with a specialty in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention.

She has two decades in the profession of personal and pro athlete training, program design, group fitness education, and expert contribution.

Fourteen specialty certifications in a variety of areas in fitness, most notably the art and education of kettlebell science, injury pre-hab, and performance optimization. In addition to her fitness background, Dasha has an extensive background in exercise nutrition and body composition/ goal programming.

Dasha has two decades in martial arts with instructorship and black and brown belts in a variety of arts including Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts/ Kali, Muay Thai, and Brazilian JiuJitsu.

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