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How’s training? Are you on your goals? Is Your Workout Working For You?

We had a very cool experience this past week that we wanted to share with you guys… The SELF magazine selects team came in to take advantage of the KB Body Series program.

SELF magazine was picking their favorite workouts to launch their BEST BODIES issue! And guess what, the conclusion was that Kettlebell Kikcboxing kettlebell workouts; Scorcher and KB Body made the IT LIST.

Of course we were very honored to be a part of the BEST BODIES campaign, but this leads me to today’s words of KB wisdom:

Accept yourself. This might actually be the hardest task of all. To accept yourself! Most people fail because they want the world to unfold for them in a week or two, but that is simply not the case. It can’t. It takes time. When people see changes in the first week or two they get excited. But by week four, too often I see people become discouraged because they can not accept themselves – they want change to come in an instant. You didn’t gain all of your weight in 4 weeks, it took years to gain weight, lose mobility and strength. And now you want those years of poor habits to simply be wiped clean in four weeks. It’s the wrong attitude, this type of thought leads to failure.

Don’t worry! It doesn’t mean that it will take you years to regain your shape, strength and health. Luckily, in my experience 30, 60, 90 days sets you on a great path, but still there is always a continued effort. Do not look at the end result. Envision your goals in steps, enjoy your steps and keep on going. You must accept yourself first, and you must keep moving. Keep up the routine, the training, the eating and the personal discipline.
That is the ultimate life change. To accept yourself and STILL keep going. That, and only that, will empower you to live the kind of life that will lock in your fitness forever. You can do this. You only have a little further to go.

HERE’S SELF SELECTS TEAM SWEATING IT OUT with a genuine KB Body Series workout!
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