3 Key Factors To Weight-loss and Lasting Health

July 24, 2015

Inspiration and motivation comes from many places! Trust me, I know because there are countless times that my own students inspire me. It’s incredible how much a person can achieve if he or she dedicate the time, stays patient and follows a smart path (program). So I thought I’d share my 3 factors to lasting…

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FREE Download Book: All You Need To Know About Calories

July 17, 2015

How Much Does Nutrition Really Matter? When I was a contributing editor to Blackbelt magazine I wrote 38 different articles on nutrition. I have also contributed nutrition advise to segments on NY1, and I have been hired by major celebrities to train them and set up a lasting, red-carpet ready nutrition program… So yes, I…

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What Kettlebell Weight Should You Choose?

July 10, 2015

Good Question: What Kettlebell Weight Should You Choose?   Okay! Now that you have a program, you can start it with a dumbbell but eventually you will want your very own kettlebell… Yes, these guys come in all sorts of colors and even designs- like the monkey kettlebell my husband got me for Valentines Day –…

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Kettlebell Kickboxing Teaches Over 500 Women with SELF Magazines NYC Studio Fitness Event!

July 9, 2015

 This past weekend Dasha and the entire KB NYC team had the great pleasure to teach, train, meet and swing with over 500 incredible women, over the course of a two day event with the one and only fitness magazine, SELF. What we learned from each one of you ladies is that there are a…

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5 Exercises For A Strong, Firm & Sexy Core

June 23, 2015

You might be sick of trainers telling you how important core strength is…but they can’t stop because it really is incredibly crucial, says Kettlebell Kickboxing founder Dasha Libin Anderson. And not just in terms of showing off a flat stomach at the beach. “Your core is involved in every single movement your body does—in your…

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Bikini Ready & Strong in 8 Weeks! (YES) Join The Challenge FREE here…

April 20, 2015

Need a pick me up? A new challenge? A re-start? Take our KB Bikini Strong 8-week Challenge– FREE “I know what it takes to lose weight and keep it off, I’ve personally lost over 40lbs and kept that weight off for over a decade. I also know what it takes to get to your ‘best’…

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10 Nutrition Rules For REAL Weight-loss & Health

October 30, 2014

1. Dieting is drastic, dramatic and FAKE!. How many times have you been on a diet that meant you had throw out everything in your fridge, stop eating an entire food group or shop at different stores for your ingredients? Diets are fake because they are a temporary fix to a real problem! That is…

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Healthy Cookies? Yes! Fit Home Made Cookies Recipe HERE!

September 30, 2014

7 Day Lean worthy Cookies, fit, healthy and GOOD! Almond Choco-Coco cookies 1 Cup Almond Butter 1 egg 1/2 Coconut Palm sugar 1/4 C unsweetened shredded coconut* 1/2 rough chopped almond 1/4 C rough chopped bakers chocolate* (I used 60% dark Cacao Ghirardelli) 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract 1 tsp baking soda *optional, but definitely recommended…

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Tackling Cellulite, as well as self imposed limitations in your health and fitness goals

September 21, 2014

I have cellulite… At first I desperately tried to blame this on my mother. Me: “Mom, you gave me this…” Mom: “What?” (Russian accent) Me: “Cellulite, you gave it to me and now I am a fitness expert with cellulite.” Mom:“What is cellulite?” Me: “This” Mom: “Ow, Dasha! Come on.” Mom taps my shoulder: “Do…

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Identify Your Body : get weight loss results with a solid home fitness program

September 20, 2014

 How do you get weight loss results with a solid home fitness program? Fitness is in the details. And, as you can see the value and reward of fitness can be extremely rewarding and exciting.  However, if you’re not following a solid, result driven program-  you’re not doing it – you are not getting fitter, healthier,…

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How Your Fitness Outlook Can Change Your Results – plus: Best Home Fitness DVDs Too!

August 26, 2014

How Your Fitness Outlook Can Change Your Results – & Your Feedback on the Best Home Fitness DVDs… Why We Train… and What Holds Us Back As women we all want the same thing out of our workout routines. We want the opportunity to find the very best of ourselves and our bodies. We want to…

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Dasha & Kettlebell Kickboxing Home Fitness DVDs now partnered with Women’s Health Magazine!

August 24, 2014

We could not be more honored to have been listed as one of the top home fitness DVDs by Womens Health magazine. This is a huge deal for both Dasha and the brand. Dash is now one of the trainers on the incredible Womens Health products. Here’s what Womens Health Mag had to say… The…

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