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Check Out Kettlebell Kickboxing & SELF Magazine!

June 9, 2016

How’s training? Are you on your goals? Is Your Workout Working For You? We had a very cool experience this past week that we wanted to share with you guys… The SELF magazine selects team came in to take advantage of the KB Body Series program. SELF magazine was picking their favorite workouts to launch…

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What Your Workout Style Says About You & Your Fitness Goals

February 9, 2016

Identify Your Goals. Find Your Program. Start Sweating. Have you ever thought about what your workout style says about you? Lets find out… The Miler You are a runner! From the very first time you took your first lap, the city became yours. You Must: The kettlebell is the single best tool to engage your…

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Instructor Profile: Meet KBIA Certified, Kettlebell Kickboxing NYC Master Instructor Jenel Stevens

September 30, 2015

1. What Inspires You To Train? I train because I love the concept of being in shape, staying strong and feeling healthy. I am an active person because I have done sports all my life and I couldn’t imagine a life where I wasn’t jumping, skipping, lifting, leaping or running somewhere! 2. What Inspires You…

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