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China by Train; experiencing both authenticity and luxury

August 5, 2019

Temple of Heaven, Beijing (must visit) 水满则溢。(Shuǐmǎn zé yì. ‘water full but overflows’) — Water flows in only to flow out. China by Train – on this trip we felt like we experienced the true authenticity of China, all while still getting the five star experience we wanted from a vacation. Below, I’ll discuss our…

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The 4th Trimester – (hint: They Lied To You – You’ll Sleep, You’ll Dream and You’ll be FINE!)

May 24, 2019

Today is Ari’s three months b-day! and I want to take this time to truly share with you my experiences of the 4TH TRIMESTER (hint: bc its nothing like I was told it would be). If you’ve had a baby, it may go something to the likes of this: first trimester– nausea, exhaustion, excitement, a…

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My Number #1 Recommendation For Mama’s To Be – Baby Essentials

February 15, 2019

As a new mama to be, the landscape of motherhood was in the beginning more like a flurry of thoughts; playing with my daughter, watching my husband with her, introducing her to martial arts. Then the more technical and less whimsical parts like making my schedule work; balancing motherhood and my passions of teaching and helping…

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Why Steady State Cardio Is Not The Best Way To Lose Weight! – Seriously.

February 13, 2019

Why Cardio is NOT your friend, Through the years I have had the great privilege and honor to train a great variety of individuals. From house mamas hustling to build businesses from their living room to A-list movie starts and recording artists, professional athletes and my yet-to-be pro guys who are pushing the limit everyday…

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Abs – Build Them, Sculpt Them, Strengthen Them & Keep Them

December 11, 2018

Fact is fact, so called ‘cardio’ workouts will not be enough to burn belly fat. Strength training increases muscle mass, and because muscle needs more energy to live, you will in turn burn more fat (belly fat included). This is not myth or fiction, this is fact. This is also the exact reason that there…

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12 Hour Hong Kong Layover – Best Day (Ever)

December 9, 2018

Scroll down and read about turning your 6-12 hour Hong Kong Layover into an adventure with the Tian Tan Buddha Make the most our of your layover #BestDayEver Dan and I had flown through Hong Kong airport many times. In fact, it is my favorite airport in the world and i truly enjoy the idea…

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RECOVERY & REST The Key To Your Workout Success

October 31, 2018

Your recovery is very important. For one, your recovery period is the time the body makes all of the gains you worked so hard for in your workout (weight-loos, muscle activation, strength adaptation). Additionally how quickly and how efficiently you recover is consistent with your physical fitness level; the healthier and fitter you get the…

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Baby-Moon In Japan

October 30, 2018

Why Japan for a baby-moon?

Where do I start…

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