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Your Sweet Tooth Survival Guide; How To Have & Enjoy Sugar Correctly

March 19, 2019

Snacking in Beijing China… We’ve all watched a friend, actress, or some other freak of nature scarf down a candy bar, milk shake, or burger with the grin of an eight-year-old child—there’s no remorse, just simple guiltless pleasure. And we’ve done it once in a while ourselves, after all, there is NO REASON you shouldn’t…

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My Pregnancy Nutrition Must’s

December 25, 2018

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” (a beautiful anonymous quote I found that truly fits this Christmas morning) As I woke up to hard hungry kicks pounding into my upper rib cage from a growing baby, to my dogs drooling over me and taking up most of the bed, to my husband laughing at…

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Calories – Everything You Need To Know

December 9, 2018

Calories, If I had a penny for every time someone said that word, I would be rich! “How many calories will I burn?” / “How many calories in that salad?” / “How many calories do I need to have a day?” / “How many calories are in this drink?” Question after question until our heads…

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Nutrition ‘Trade-In’s’ That Make A BIG Difference

November 25, 2018

Simple trade-ins that can make a TON of difference (on your health and on your mid-section)  As people we know that not all things are created equal Well, nutrition is not much different. In fact, trading in a cup of white rice  for a cup of brown rice will give you the difference between getting…

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No Snacking

November 24, 2018

Yes, I said it, NO SNACKING For regular individuals that aren’t in any special case scenario like sickness, pregnancy, diabetes or under a specific training protocol prescribed by a professional snacking is not only over emphasized and over rated, but actually dangerous. We become addicted to the very habit of snacking, feeling like we cannot…

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ThnxGiving! My All Natural, Nutrient Dense Cranberry Sauce Recipe

November 2, 2018

Organic, Authentic, healthy cranberry sauce Ingredients * 24 oz fresh cranberries ( a bag) * ½ cup no sugar added applesauce * ½ cup water * juice and zest of one orange * 3-4 TBSP honey / agave/ stevia – you decide! or to taste optional Instructions Put cranberries, applesauce and water in a sauce…

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RECOVERY & REST The Key To Your Workout Success

October 31, 2018

Your recovery is very important. For one, your recovery period is the time the body makes all of the gains you worked so hard for in your workout (weight-loos, muscle activation, strength adaptation). Additionally how quickly and how efficiently you recover is consistent with your physical fitness level; the healthier and fitter you get the…

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