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Why You Shouldn’t Even Think of Dieting This Holiday Season

December 14, 2017

You read the title correctly, Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Even Think of Dieting This Holiday Season   It is no doubt that food is a big part of our lives, especially during the holidays. And despite what many fitness authorities say, I personally love that. I truly believe that you’ve got to be excited by…

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The Best Move You’ll Do

August 3, 2017

THE MOST IMPORTANT MOTION YOU’LL EVER (yep EVER) DO (so you better #WerkIt!) KBIA Instructors, anyone that’s an athlete (all you runners, martial artists, tennis, football, even rock climbing 😉 ANYTHING – this guys is a WONDERFUL ‘Warm Up’ to any activity, any sport or just a great exercise to do for 1-3mins when you…

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Your BOOTY & Total Body; Bench-Band-Bar Workout!

August 2, 2017

Above is your TOTAL BODY workout  Have a bar?! Get lets it done! Here’s your complete bar and bench strength/ mobility workout Covering ALL the standard movement patterns: Hip binging Pushing Pulling Knee Bending Since these are non-loaded for lower body we are going for time on lower body and reps on upper 1min elevated…

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What is Kettlebell Kickboxing Really? – Watch this quick workout video to see for yourself.

July 28, 2017

What is Kettlebell Kickboxing? Kettlebell Kickboxing was created by martial artist, kettlebell expert and fitness professional Dasha L Anderson. Dasha used her Masters Degree in Exercise Science, her Russian kettlebell heritage and her martial arts expertise to combine her knowledge into this one-of-a-kind fitness method. Initially KB started as a New York City fitness class,…

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Your Complete Total-Body Muscle Sculpting 20 Minute Kettlebell/ or Dumbbell Workout

July 28, 2017

Hey guys, Need an incredible efficient, total body (glute, arms and ab focus) workout? We got ya! this is a great workout to do anywhere, at home, the gym (even when it’s crowded) or take the training outdoors; all you need is a kettlebell, and if you don’t have one there is a way to…

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4 Ways To Incorporate Bands Into Your Kettlebell and Workout Routine

July 27, 2017

Bands ( I call them, Activation exercises,) help do two VERY key things; 1. Correct muscle imbalances by helping engage the ‘smaller’ muscle groups, they basically don’t let our body ‘cheat’ in a motion and overlook all of the bodies biomechanical working components, EXPEL; so if you are engaging the glutes during swings and squats,…

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The Movement Workout – And Why You Can’t Get Enough Of It

July 23, 2017

Instead of consistently breaking your body down with motion that looks ‘cool’ but is highly impactful and overly repetitive in one plane of motion, ADD this 3 version JKD get Up to your cardio-insertions of kettlebell swings, squats, pull ups, rows, presses and so on… Lets watch the GetUp video, and place this into your…

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Sitting – 4 Simple Drills To Off-Set The Epidemic

June 27, 2017

In tehe video above dasha gives you FOUR very simple (do them anywhere) EXERCISES/ DRILLS to Off-Set Sitting! Do these on their own, pre workout to engage the glutes or after was a pre-stretch If you are going out to do an activity or play a sport: go running, playing basketball, soccer or anything else…

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What Your Workout Style Says About You & Your Fitness Goals

February 9, 2016

Identify Your Goals. Find Your Program. Start Sweating. Have you ever thought about what your workout style says about you? Lets find out… The Miler You are a runner! From the very first time you took your first lap, the city became yours. You Must: The kettlebell is the single best tool to engage your…

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