Burn 300 Calories and Build LONG LEAN muscle in 20 minutes!?!

BURN 300 Calories & Build LONG LEAN Muscle in 20 minutes!?!

The ‘cannonball-shaped iron orbs with handles lifted in a swinging motion were developed by Russian strongmen in the early 1700s as a way to build strength, balance, flexibility and endurance quickly’ and efficiently. Luckily for us modern day sports science has been on a path to researching the newest, best and most efficient ways to get fit and functional – fast!

New Research Confirms the facts about Kettlebells:¬†During the 20-minute workout, the average calorie burn was 272 calories, not counting additional calorie burn due to the sub- stantial anaerobic effort.’¬†That is according to a recent study published by the American Council of Exercise.

Now- come to Kettlebell Kickboxing class and add in: a FULL jam packed hour kettlebells with- movements from Muay Thai, Savate, JKD, Kickboxing and Plyometric. can you say 1,000 calories in an hour?


From Ace Fitness: