#STRONGLIKEAMAMA Heymama Event (Overlooking beautiful NYC)

By Dasha Libin / July 18, 2019 /

Incredible isn’t it? A perfect summer evening on an elegant rooftop over looking one of the greatest cities in the world – Hanging out with you – a hundred plus hard working entrepreneur mothers, all who left their babies (of various ages) at home and turned up to sweat, chant and discuss all forms of…

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The 4th Trimester – (hint: They Lied To You – You’ll Sleep, You’ll Dream and You’ll be FINE!)

By Dasha Libin / May 24, 2019 /

Today is Ari’s three months b-day! and I want to take this time to truly share with you my experiences of the 4TH TRIMESTER (hint: bc its nothing like I was told it would be). If you’ve had a baby, it may go something to the likes of this: first trimester– nausea, exhaustion, excitement, a…

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Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle – a one-of-a-kind adventure for the spirit

By Dasha Libin / May 2, 2019 /

Your kids – they want Disney Land, and hey maybe you do as well. Something incredible about reliving your childhood. Tented Camps at Four Seasons Golden Triangle are kinda like re-living your childhood mixed in with a bit of Indiana Jones. Basically the child, the adventurer, the romantic, the philosopher, the boss in you gets…

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Your Sweet Tooth Survival Guide; How To Have & Enjoy Sugar Correctly

By Dasha Libin / March 19, 2019 /

Snacking in Beijing China… We’ve all watched a friend, actress, or some other freak of nature scarf down a candy bar, milk shake, or burger with the grin of an eight-year-old child—there’s no remorse, just simple guiltless pleasure. And we’ve done it once in a while ourselves, after all, there is NO REASON you shouldn’t…

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Baby Game Changers: Coterie Diapers

By Dasha Libin / March 16, 2019 /

In the world of babies you hear a many things over and over again, the main one being those daunting diaper changes. Of-course for those yet to have kids this sounds so simple and so far fetched from anything you need to worry about; a diaper. But once you’re a parent, you know that anything…

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Daily Cold Showers Bring May Flowers… My Cold Therapy Routine; Mind-Body-Spirit

By Dasha Libin / March 15, 2019 /

It has been exactly two weeks since I gave birth, And I will say that it has been a true collection of not days but hours; 24, 48, 72. A swarming colidascope of memories and sensations and smells (yes, smells) that I will never ever forget and probably want to relive and strive remember as…

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Structuring A Strength Training & Workout Program For Your Goals

By Dasha Libin / February 19, 2019 /

Structuring A Strength Training Program – because working out should not be a medley of ‘calorie burning’, randomized moves. How often do you hear; ·      I work out. ·      Just finished my workout. ·      I’m working out this Saturday. ·      Wanna join me for a workout? And yet, and I will say this with the…

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My Number #1 Recommendation For Mama’s To Be – Baby Essentials

By Dasha Libin / February 15, 2019 /

As a new mama to be, the landscape of motherhood was in the beginning more like a flurry of thoughts; playing with my daughter, watching my husband with her, introducing her to martial arts. Then the more technical and less whimsical parts like making my schedule work; balancing motherhood and my passions of teaching and helping…

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Why Steady State Cardio Is Not The Best Way To Lose Weight! – Seriously.

By Dasha Libin / February 13, 2019 /

Why Cardio is NOT your friend, Through the years I have had the great privilege and honor to train a great variety of individuals. From house mamas hustling to build businesses from their living room to A-list movie starts and recording artists, professional athletes and my yet-to-be pro guys who are pushing the limit everyday…

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The Last 2 Weeks of Pregnancy

By Dasha Libin / February 6, 2019 /

I’ve been fortunate enough to have an active and stable pregnancy. We went to Japan, I haven’t missed a single workout in 8 months, I was able to lift weights, train clients, kick and punch and well – for a portion of it (minus the once a week wine or the crazy martial art stuff)…

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Things I wish someone told me about PREGNANCY

By Dasha Libin / February 1, 2019 /

Finding out you are pregnant, at a point in your life when you want to, hope to be is a feeling that is both surreal and more real then anything I have ever experienced. In the beginning, at least for me I was very conscious about not allowing my previous experiences cloud or distort this one. I…

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My Pregnancy Nutrition Must’s

By Dasha Libin / December 25, 2018 /

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” (a beautiful anonymous quote I found that truly fits this Christmas morning) As I woke up to hard hungry kicks pounding into my upper rib cage from a growing baby, to my dogs drooling over me and taking up most of the bed, to my husband laughing at…

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