Becoming SUPER-human in Training (and Life) Starts Here

Believe it or not, all Super- Humans have one thing in common… they understand their ABC’s. The Alphabet of success starts with these basic words of self assessment.    If you master these aspects of yourself, you will master your goals.  So, go ahead… become your own strand of  a Super– human.

Anxiety                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Anxiety is often separated into cognitive anxiety (worry) and over-arousal . Managing different forms of anxiety is important, but not always necessary- sometimes, in life you let your anxiety create a small stir of excitement- you use it! and you go with it!  Overcoming huge anxiety is all about finding the power and reference in yourself to overcome your ‘worry’ and give-in to your ‘excitement’. Anxiety is common, it is something that lives inside us, creating a stir of fresh energy that is vital for excitement and success.

Arousal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Often a term that raises an eye brow-  in training we talk about arousal to describe a physical state of excitement, which is often interpreted as ‘nerves’, but can be used to keep your blood flowing! Arousal is a word describing pleasure, it is the idea of new sensation- applying that to  a training routine is a key way to keep your activity fresh, exciting and productive.

In sport and in life you hear the term attitude all the time. An attitude is a belief that is held with regard to a person or situation, for example when a person comes in with a bad attitude they have already made up their mind about the class and the way they feel. They made a decision to ‘go through’ the motions without putting forth the openness that would allow a great experience. A good attitude is basically an open mind- no judgements, no preconceived notions… just yourself living and experiencing life.  Aim to have peaceful confidence, never effected by the ‘small things’.

Concentration is important,  it is the  intensity and the persistence of focus. The idea is to BE PRESENT in your activity and in your body. Concentrate on what matters at the moment, allow your training to wipe all other stress and thought out of your body.  When you master this, you will have masters a great part of yourself.

Athletes need confidence in order to perform beyond their limits, ALL athletes must believe that they are capable of going further. Confidence for everyday individuals will start with the moment they wake up… making a clear assessment of yourself,  clearly defining your strengths- DAILY. Confidence can be present at one moment and flee the next- in order to control your confidence  daily, an underlining factor of strength and self awareness should aways be present. As a martial artists I use my understanding and abilities, as an athlete I use the work I place forth daily, as a wife, a sister and daughter I used my support system in order to remind myself of the human being i have built thus far- and he one I am working towards! Use your training (each class, each day) to make you stronger- a silent confidence you carry daily.

Focus is closely related to concentration. It is all about your intensity.  Focus is about keeping your mind on the right things at the right time. In todays society, focus is something we must fight for. Be selfish when you train, be present, be all about yourself. When you find the feeling of being present in that moment, in your body and in your goals… you will grow and become a stronger version of yourself.   Focus. 

Goals are the bedrock of motivation.  You must mentally go over your goals DAILY. You must write them down. Goals are the most important tool we have to reach success. Individuals grow more motivated with each idea, with each vision of themselves accomplishing something as basic as memorizing a Muay Thai four-count or as daunting as loosing forty pounds. Remember, when you are motivated to do something, it is because you have a goal. A goal is your personal tool of evolution. WRITE it down. 

Using Imagery (also known as mental rehearsal or visualization) is simple and effective. You can do this in your practice or in your time off. Take the goal list and imagine yourself when those areas of your life have been accomplished. Use your day dreaming as a mental exercise to visualizing yourself doing a motion, completing a task, reaching a goal or simply taking a new risk. In practice,  most importantly however, is that you picture yourself performing correctly and with a new found strength, confidence and excellence. Try to create ‘images’ using all of your senses – commit yourself to your accomplishments.

Motivation is simply behavior that is directed towards a goal – effort, persistence, or performance. Being motivated comes from the idea of accomplishment, the idea of growth through a new found ability, the idea of having a new experience and taking a journey. At times, perhaps in a class we must look to the person next to us for motivation. Other times we look to our instructors, our seniors, people we have seen accomplish great things over great adversity, and at other times we look with in our won lives to find a motivation that will push past walls, fears and discomforts. Your kids, your parents, your own sense of want, or even the true character with-in yourself can serve as the motivation you need to make a decision or wok past a plateau.

Self Talk
The way a person talks to themselves (usually silently!) has a huge impact on their behavior. Have a conversation as you kick, as you run, as you swing or train or take up any new venture. SELF TALK and make yourself listen… Self talk and make yourself calm… self talk and give yourself examples… SELF TALK and reach your goals.

Team Cohesion
Whenever a team has done well and they are asked, What factors contributed to their success, someone always says, “We got along well all season.” Talking about your activity (your training session, a technique, the cardio or the sparring) will always help you understand better, and relate to others the idea of perseverance. There are others with similar goals, similar fears and similar needs… if you look around your academy or your class – you will discover a common bind, a team effort that will help you grow as an individual.