Balance = Success: The Do’s & Don’ts of a Sustainable Body #KBBody

Balance = Success

The do’s and don’t of a healthy lifestyle are actually simple.  I would like to start by introducing all of you to a concept I call call Unconscious Healthy Living. This concept will directly challenge the idea that you have to give everything up to look and feel great. It will also challenge the fact that you have to think and stress about eating and working out everyday to make it work. Its simply not true. The remedy for this ‘ health stress’ we all seem to suffer from is to achive balance in your life, your body and your mind. It’s actually a very simple concept, made complicated by be TV shows, diet pills, un-educated trainers, mis-information and the daily stress of our own life.

We all want to look great, thats for sure, and that is perfectly okay. It is not vain, nor uneducated to want the best for yourself and to want to push yourself towards achieving something new and great. If it’s being thinner, leaner, stronger, more agile, active, able-bodied, healthier- whatever, thats okay! If you do it right, working out will soon become a form of constant self discovery. You might first start a program to ‘look better’, but if the program is good, effective an designed properly what you will gain is a lifestyle full of adventure, promise and also inner peace.

Unfortunately not all workouts, programs or weight-loss concepts are created equal. Many are based on mis-education, and too many are not emphasizing the Body-Mind connection required to achieve inner and outer peace an optimal, lasting results.

It is very important for you to know that being healthy, looking lean and attaining your ideal body composition is not something that should come from:

  • Starvation
  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Life Restriction
  • Social Isolation
  • Time Consumption
  • Mental Stress
  • Constant Thought
  • Discomfort
  • Sacrifice

Quote me on this: 

If you attain a ‘thinner’ look by employing any of the factors listed above, it’s wrong. Its actually just as bad as not working out. You have now just reversed the circle of poor behavior, behavior that will break down your body and mind.

Ask yourself here an now- how long will you keep it up? How long will you continue to spend 3 hours in the gym a day? How long will you workout in pain? How long will you deprive yourself of basic pleasures like a drink, an ice-cream, a pasta dish? How long will you ignore a day of leisure? When was the last time you relax and not thought about your diet or your weight? If training is causing you knee, back or shoulder pain, how long will you deny yourself the ability to run when you want, jump when you want, hike, bike. When was the last time you were able to enjoy a fit body instead of an aggravated body?


Too many people I meet are ‘working out’ in pain, deprivation, starvation and sacrifice.Ask yourself- how long can you keep that up?

Others are consumed with diet pills, and creams… how much money have you spent on those? How much mental and physical pollution have those substances already create in your body?

How do we know?  Just look above. Dasha and the KB Body Team have worked with over 5,000 women, in classes and via DVDs and 60Day Body DVD online Challenges. If there is one thing we know, its how to build, love and sustain a healthy fitness & nutrition routine.

Did you know that when you are truly fit and healthy you do not spend your day thinking about calories or diets. Did you know that when you are truly fit you do not wake up in pain? Did you know that an amazing body can be achieved with eating some great foods inkling pasta an potato. Did you know that fitness is a form of self discovery- a discovery both physically, spiritually and mentally. A discovery that is key to long life and health. Lastly, did you know that ANYONE, any shape, background, any gender, any age can accomplish these thing- and they can do it in under an hour a day.

1184847_10201944570160337_1124553534_nI have worked very had on a program that I know will work, and will work past your 60days. It is something you can enjoy when you start, be challenged by as you grow, and maintain as you achieve.

Health Living is Actually SIMPLE! #KBBody

Working out is simple, but only once you have the correct program design; the motions themselves, the sequence of those exercises, the timing of each, the rest-to-work ratios, the duration of the training session and then the calendar of when each should be performed. That is why I went to school to get my Masters degree in Sports Science, I simply didn’t feel like playing guessing games with anyones body, including my own. I wanted to make a program that is true to science. I also used the knowledge of martial arts, yoga an sports science. Then I took that program and applied it to women like Ewa and Sandra and countless others you see below. Then we tweaked it even more- why do you think The Body Series took myself and my staff so long to complete.

Nutrition is simple too… think about it, if you cut out whole food groups is that healthy? sustainable? practical? What about the time when you decide to have a baby- will you be able to ignore a food group that baby needs in order to stay skinny? Of course not! Nutrition is not complicated, but it has rules and if you follow those rules you can have the foods you want and love. Nutrition also has math, and if you understand the formula NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO you will be able to lose and sustain your weight. Its simply that simple. The Body Series program outlines this for you, we make it simple to succeed.

Take a look at the Body Series DVDs. Its a project I believe in because it worked and continues to work for me, and it continues to work for hundreds of case-studies, many of whom I never met, many of whom tested the program from their living rooms in Australia, Brazil, London and of course all around the United States.

Lets do this, Mind Body and Soul – lets reconnect with our bodies and ourselves. Lets get the system of looking an feeling good so organically implemented into your life that you can focus on real things like enjoying it!

Enjoying your body and your life should be synchronized, its not about giving up the pleasures of life in order to look a specific way. That is the wrong concept- and that concept will not get you far your healthy lifestyle.