5 Ways To Avoid Junk Food & Still Enjoy

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As always it is my main goal to bring you the most current and valuable information regarding health, fitness, weight-loss and longevity.

Recently I came across a new study that can finally help explain why it’s so difficult to get & keep weight-loss results – it’s not about just having discipline, it an addiction issue.

So read on…

An Alarming New Study

A new study from the University of Michigan has finally confirmed what we’ve all sorta of knew; all that greasy late-night-junk food eating are actually addictive.
We are talking burgers, pizza, french fries and anything else dripping with oil, grease, butter and bread crumbs.

Researchers followed a total of 500 participants in two separate study groups. They found that unprocessed foods with no added fat or refined carbohydrates (expls include: fruits, veggies, quinoa, salmon) were not associated with addictive eating behavior.

We should stay far, far away from highly processed foods — because, as we know, once you pop the “fun” don’t stop — and instead flock to the safety of real, whole foods.

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So here are top five most valuable and basic rules on staying away from those addictive foods

  1. Aim to get 80% of your foods from the produce isle. That includes fruits, veggies, proteins like meats, fish and legumes, eggs and all of your dairy.
  2. When you have a late night craving- brush your teeth, floss and drink a cup of water. I can almost guarantee that the craving will go away, and your dentist will also be happy.
  3. Learn to cook! YES ladies, it’s okay to use your stove. You see there are hundreds of ways to make a healthy pizza, a super nutritious organic burger, a low carb all natural lasagna and even pancakes and brownies. Learn how to do this and you’ll never have to compromise – I don’t!
  4. Don’t keep delivery menus in the house, don’t save your cc info on seamless and do not buy junk foods for the future. Only buy a small portion of chips that you’ll eat today – do not stock up on cookies and breads- just don’t do it.
  5. Exercise! studies have also proven that anyone that regularly (and I stress regularly) exercises on a program has an easier time fighting food addictions. So get on a training program (sporadic, random workouts don’t counts).

In the end we all want to have a strong, energized and happy lifestyle. We all want to succeed in our goals and also enjoy the journey. I urge you to make great mind-body-spirit decisions without stress, you owe it to yourself and your loves ones.