An exercise in your day. #KBBody

An Exercise in Your Day!

Yes, as you can see we have provided workout calendars for all of you doing the #LoveYourJeans challenge, and that is great, but if we want to get the best possible results we also need you to change other portions of your daily activity.

All I ask is that you… Stay active and mobile through your day, every single day.

Working out systematically on a GOOD, solid program ( in our case its the KB Body Series, Scorcher Series programs of the classes and schedules we provide for you here) is the key to unlocking your bodies full potential. You must be on a program, you must be committed and you should have fun doing it! No stress.

But, you can not sit 12 hours a day: sleep, watch TV, work at a desk sitting, eat lunch sitting and then workout/ move 1 hour a day and expect to make lasting changes in your life.

I mean look at it: 12 hours to 1 hour- BAD ODDS!

Along with your #LoveYourJeans program you  also need to MOVE.  If you sit all day, you order your lunch, you work without getting up, you drive home, sit on the train and then get home to sit some more as you read/ watch TV- you will not see the same results as you would if you tried to constantly use your body.

MOVE!  Movement is Life! Your #LoveYourJeans workouts, will help you move batter, with no pain. Move faster. Be active. Be mobile. Be fit. BUT in your day you must also:

  •  walk to work once a week
  • stand on the train
  • NEVER take the elevator – Okay, so if you work on the 30th floor, walk up 6-10 stair cases and then catch the elevator
  • walk your dog
  • walk / play your child
  • play with your dog
  • go out to get lunch
  •  have an auto alert every 45 minutes on your computer to GET UP and walk around office, do 50 squats and then get   back to desk, or run in place for 2 mins every 45seconds (like we do in KB Body)
  • Sunday make active plans- walk to brunch or lunch, hike, bike, play golf, baseball
  • Saturday nights- instead of the movies go bowling, play pool, go dance
  • for every drink you consume at the bar dance 5 songs
  • get RID of your couch and place matts and bean bags everywhere so you can do movement on the  ground when watching TV
  • for 1 hour a day have a ball you sit on
  • play wrestle with your spouse
  • jump up and down like a kid 50 times a day
  • skip down five block on your way to get your coffee in the am
  • carry your groceries home
  • walk your neighbors dogs
  • MOVE!!!

I hope you can really incorporate this into your days and your weeks, make fit and active plans on your days off like skiing, hiking, walking, swimming and exploring.

Xokb, Stay Focused -Dasha

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