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Dasha and the KB team have been doing KBIA and KBI certifications for the past four years. The certifications have helped countless individuals just like you understand how to teach kettlebells, lead classes, start businesses and bring fitness and health to women just like you.

Today, Dasha offers both one-on-one certifications and group certs. Private certifications are the same rate, and are actually ideal if you are traveling from outside NYC. You can schedule a weekday or weekend that works best for you, even months in advance if needed. Some instructor candidates travel from outside and across the country, then they go back and start their own KB classes, open studios or just leave home with a better understanding of health, fitness and kettlebells.

Many do it for the challenge and education – if you love kettlebells and fitness, this might be the next step.

Kettlebell Kickboxing™ Instructor Association is designed to provide Kettlebell Kickboxing™ instructor hopefuls the essential tools to help build a successful business, or enhance an already thriving business with a Kettlebell Kickboxing™ curriculum and credibility. We encourage you to look into Kettlebell Kickboxing™ Certification only if you have a passion for fitness, empowerment, health and individuality.

Great for those that want to teach, or simply challenge their own fitness knowledge, understanding and ability.


as207-02bf8658-69ba-4285-b6bf-b491ce7f8d08-v2KBIA – Kettlebell Kickboxing Certified Instructor

A two day, Kettlebell Kickboxing instructor certification. Ideal for those looking to enhance their current group fitness, yoga, Pilates or martial arts programs with a new, result proven and nationally accredited program. This course and certification is a full immersion into kettlebell training, fundamentals, science, kb biomechanics and function.

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as207-5541afd4-a6a8-4c79-8786-54deeceb64ed-v2KBI – Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Ideal for trainers, fitness enthusiasts and those looking to enhance their fitness library by studying and understanding the art and science of kettlebells. From how to use them to condition your own body, to the science behind the bell- posterior chain motion, hinge vs squat fundamentals, the pillars of movement, kettlebell anatomy and kettlebell biomechanics. Then learn how to trouble shoot these concepts with your clients and students. Teaching kettlebells is an art form, and you will learn how to use that art to enhance your personal training and group fitness routines.

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Questions? Email Rachel@kettlebellkickboxing.com