4 Ways To Incorporate Bands Into Your Kettlebell and Workout Routine

kettlebell exercise

Bands ( I call them, Activation exercises,) help do two VERY key things;

1. Correct muscle imbalances by helping engage the ‘smaller’ muscle groups, they basically don’t let our body ‘cheat’ in a motion and overlook all of the bodies biomechanical working components, EXPEL; so if you are engaging the glutes during swings and squats, are you engaging the three gluteal muscles? The bands will help ensure that you are, working your Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus.

2. And they are AMAZING for ‘super-setting’ and really getting into the area of the body ( the booty ) that you are trying to truly hit, sculpt, engage and strengthen.

HERE ARE 4 ways to use bands in your kettlebell or dumbbell workout

FYI; much longer more detailed post about this on our blog will drop tonight 😉 .

2. KNEE BANDED SQUATS & OVER KNEE BANDED SQUATS  ** start non-loaded, then go loaded (with weight, when you’re ready)
If advanced, do both, loaded (w/ weight, or non-loaded): 10 just bands, and 10 with weight
*These can also be used as a warm up or during a recovery workout to help strengthen the muscles in the hips.
These banded squats also work the gluteus medius, hip abductor and quadriceps.

2. BANDED SIDE WALKS– keep the tension in the band, 10-12 left and right
Super set with
Two double KB swings
4-5 sets here

Super set with
Kettlebell, bar or dumbbell deadlifts (hip hinge)
4-5 sets here

The result is better muscle firing patterns leading to better and more efficient functional movement patterns and less potential for injury and better performance.  FYI… You’ll definitely feel these if you do them right .

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