#STRONGLIKEAMAMA Heymama Event (Overlooking beautiful NYC)


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Incredible isn’t it? A perfect summer evening on an elegant rooftop over looking one of the greatest cities in the world –

Hanging out with you – a hundred plus hard working entrepreneur mothers, all who left their babies (of various ages) at home and turned up to sweat, chant and discuss all forms of wellness and health – mental, physical, spiritual and sexual.

Brand I discovred that are a MUST to explore:

Heymama – Hosted the beautiful event, their 4th annual one. They actually hosted the same event in seven different cities! Click and see what heymama is all about because what they do is as special as it is essential for any working mother.

I met three women, all founders of the brands below and fell in love with their brains, spigot, stories and drive. I urge you to support them, click and discover (below is wellness in nutrition, sex and beauty).

Little Spoon


Indie Lee Skin Care

On to the amazing takeaways from this event, (my new platform KBBody.com will actually have a LIVE area where you will be able to see every event, seminar and live class I do, including this one!)

I took away a ton of incredible information, and walks away inspired after an incredible panel discussion about strength.

When asked what STRENGTH was to me, I answered in the following way:

For a modern woman living in todays world, especially an entrepreneur, wife, mother – I think strength is in doing the things we don’t have to do. All of us are already doing what we must be doing- working, feeding our kids, taking care of our homes and families. But it’s doing those things that no one expects us to do, no one cares about but you- that is where I see a lot of strength in people.

When I go in and load the squat rack and swing my kettle bells, when I take time to talk to someone, to help someone without expecting anything back.

There are a lot of versions of strength: resilience, confidence, positive mental attitude, drive. We just need to find ways to keep those things in our system and helps others do the same.

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