Baby Game Changers: Coterie Diapers



In the world of babies you hear a many things over and over again, the main one being those daunting diaper changes. Of-course for those yet to have kids this sounds so simple and so far fetched from anything you need to worry about; a diaper.

But once you’re a parent, you know that anything can be less from the truth. As I learned fairy quickly as a new mom; no two diapers are the same and YES, diapers matter (a lot).

I was in the hospital when they put a generic pair of diapers on Ari, and it was at that moment all that I knew. I noticed that the diaper was changed frequently and she cried quickly from discomfort when wet. I also noticed that often times the diapers we were given slid off in the back and left me changing diapers and clothing and swaddles quite frequently. It was something that I thought was the ‘norm’ and while I was frustrated over this, I didn’t know there was a better way to keep Ari clean and happy (for non-parents happy with babies also means quite).

In comes Coterie; Co-te-rie (meaning) a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, in our case this means family.

My sister is the co-founder of and one of her members is the founder of an amazing new company, basically my DIAPER GODS Coterie. Because of my sis, they sent me a pack of their diapers (not out until May), and when I tried these cloud soft, super observant, functionally advanced diapers I was more then sold, I was in LOVE.

Ari stopped crying when she was wet almost immediately, they absorbed that fast. Unlike many other brands they also didn’t rub on her sides or slide down the moment her onesie was on. Basically they stayed put, looked great and felt like a luxury item on her skin. You could actually see the difference in Ari when she wore Coterie verses the five other brands we tried. (YES FIVE!!!)

I was so in love with these that I emailed the founder immediately, signed up to their newsletter (here), and was anxious about getting my hands on another box (or ten).

A few things about the brand;

They only do diapers – which is something I love and respect. It is often refreshing to find a brand doing and specializing in one thing.

Superior Softness

They say that they engineered the specific and custom fabric to help prevent skin irritation and rashes – and yes, once you feel the diaper and compare it to others, you’ll understand.

Beyond Secure

This is one of the reasons I fell in love with this diaper, they are truly beyond secure. They are flexible, and have (as you can see on the pictures below) a smarter fit by having secure panels that limit leaks and (yes- blowouts – something you’ll love to experience as a new parent).

Unmatched Absorbency

They also have literally the very BEST absorbency I have seen in a diaper. They have truly ‘reimagined’ the core that provides lasting dryness.

I also love their slogan;


Sign up for their newsletters here

Follow them on Instagram here @Coterie

– and look forward to May when you can get your hands on these guys – trust me, you and your baby will even sleep better