Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Pregnancy: Train or Abstain?



Training & Teaching Martial Arts in #pregnancy👆 post;


hey I’m not even close to the first woman to be passionate about it, and I’m not the first to be growing a little kicker inside of me while still actively persuing my craft;

But, with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu it has become increasingly difficult to move in the ways I feel personally and technically (my technical skill) comfortable. 

Unlike Kali or even Muay Thai or JKD, this art is all feel-touch-feel-constant-pressure-on-the-body, along with the fact that you’re of course on the ground and quite often someone (like it or not is on top of you)…

SO, train or abstain?


I am fortunate enough to be teaching- so while wrestling, competing on the mat, hard drilling and many (many many- but not all) positions are simply off limits for me personally – the technical element of the art, as well as the structure and thesis is still practiced almost daily through my private clients and class assistance,  interaction with my husband, the visualization practice, the solo drilling & my martial art way of daily life… .

For those loving this art too much to just walk away for 9 months (you don’t have to);

But you do need to be very HONEST with yourself and pull back HEAVILY-

I’ve seen women post that they are still light rolling and I’m going to do something I vowed never to do: JUDGE. Bc honestly with a lil life growing inside of you you have no right to SPAR or ROLL to any capacity. If you’re a serious martial artists, with the right approach and mentality, then this art will be there for you for decades upon decades- so what’s a simple 9 months really?! )

** after all the  greatest thesis of martial arts is to teach its practitioners patience.

What I have been doing still (I, not you, you do what you think feels right to you):

  • 1. SOLO ground work

  • 2. STANDING energy drills (I’ll post vid)

  • 3. STANDING locks w/out throws (wrist, arm, Gracie self defense minus the full body momentum of the ground)

  • 4. STANDING routing (hands n feet) 

  • 5. STANDING selective escapes w/out throws 

  • 6. TOP TRANSITIONS like light armbars & Kimuras & chokes on a partner of a high belt or grappling dummy

By the way, if you are new to this art,