Pull Ups, Pistols & Pregnancy



#LetsTalkAboutIt …

I guess this sums up the fears us girls that have trained our bodies to perform have;

Toooooo often people think that women that workout (such a broad statement) are scared of gaining weight, but if you train correctly, long term and on a program you simply:

– Pause

– Laugh a little

– Explain…

No no no no no no no

We are however fearful of losing our performance gains;

I worked for almost three years to be able to execute 6 solid as solid can be pull ups

Worked for a year to do a proper pistol, another year to bang out eight solids back-to-back.

In my second trimester (around 4 months) I began to understand that for the time being I could no longer feel comfortable performing those motions;

*this is specific to me.

Too much strain and improper form due to a lack of ability to engage my core during a full pull up or a good pistol – HEY, there’s a bunny there!!!! And I’m totally cool with modifying or omitting thing for a bit (that’s life 101; we make the adjustment and we keep moving forward with a positive mental attitude and in this case, deep gratitude for the miracle in my belly. .

So sure, there’s truth to what ppl outside of this world think,

It would be silly to say we aren’t a bit frustrated or scared at times that those hard earned, discipline rooted, grind and try and try again abilities we’ve earned are slowly making their way beyond the horizon,

and while we aren’t scared of the hard work it will take to get them back-

We do sometimes ask ourselves, with a smile-

Could men handle this?

Answer- ughhh, they can go to battle and win wars, and so can we of course.

But babies, nah, they’d buckle.

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