Kettlebell Kickboxing In SHAPE Magazine! Try Our Workout

Did you catch our 12 page KB FEATURE in none other then SHAPE Magazine? 

Shape asked Dasha to create a KB inspired workout that can illustrate her favorite martial art motions and concepts, just like she uses in all of our classes and home fitness programs.

It turned out to be a 12 page feature! here are some of our favorite highlights – and to make it simple, Dasha replaced the kettlebell with a medicine ball- just to show the versatility of the program!
Plus, we included some exclusive ‘behind the scenes pics’ of the shoot 🙂

Okay so here are the workout moves!
We dare you to try them- better yet, forward this email to a friend and DARE her to try the workout with you this week! What do you have to lose besides some stubborn fat?







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