Video: Bonus Total Body Combo to add to your KB DVD’s

A perfect combo to add onto any workout or into your KB Body Series or KB Scorcher Series workouts. You can also do three sets of these at 2 mins work, 1 min rest for a 9 minute Workout Quickie. Round 1: Plank, Gator Hold, Push-Up followed by a Downward Dog. Round 2: Gator Hold, Push Up to a Cardio Intensive Leg Swing Switch. Works: back, abs, core, arms, glutes & legs. Try it! Comment below with questions, or if you did the set- let us know! and get more info at  #KBBody

[youtube_sc url=”” width=”560″ height=”316″ fs=”1″ rel=”0″]

And please- comment below if you have questions, or want to see something extra!

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