2014 Limitless Challenge! First Step, Take the KB Fitness Test >>>

And so, with that amazing story let the 2014 Limitless Challenge begin!


Starting with this email and fitness test below, my team and I will post Limitless Workout Challenges from each of your workout calendars using our Body and Scorcher DVDs and/ classes.

While following along you will learn to commit, dedicate and see progress through the strength, mobility, flexibility and capability of your body.

My biggest hope is that you will learn to measure your success by the growing ability of your body and the discipline and calmness of your mind, as much as by the reflection you see in the mirror. And do not worry- as your health and fitness leevel grows, so will your goals to lose weight, get lean and feel energized.

Your First weeks Fit Test: 

Measuring your fitness level regularly is one way to find out if you’re making progress. Through this test we will evaluate your body composition, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. It will be a personal marker for you- a place from which you can grow and develop your goals.

In your next newsletters we will send you a flexibility & mobility test and a nutrition test! STAY TUNED, but lets start here…

*** KB Swings and Sprawls are straight from your Kettlebell Kickboxing class & DVD curriculums! If you don’t know how to swing a KB, or do a sprawl you can not do this test. If you are not fit enough to execute 1min of sprawls, running in place is a good alternative (in the program and in the test). 



Now remember- record your stats. You will do this fitness test this week and then progress through your training on the KB Body, KB Scorcher, KB class and/or Combined programs between April 21st and June 1st. Then you will take the fitness test again! We promise that if you follow this program of training you will see and feel results! Plus you will learn to view your body as Limitless is every single way! Hey- ask a friend or family member to join you in this challenge.

So lets get started! We can’t wait to hear all about the amazing health and fitness progress you will make in the next few weeks!

Remember to do the program you will need a KB Body Series and/or KB Scorcher Series  DVD or a KB Class Pack (or both).

On June 1st we will be getting beach and summer ready with the 7DayLean cleanse and workout, as well as 7 Day’s of summer program to keep your results and continue to progress all summer! BONUS! if you send us your fit test stats at the end of the Limitless challenge you will receive a 50% off discount code to the 7DayLeanSeries!

Dasha’s new 7 Day Lean program is her most fun, challenging, non-weighted, no kettle bell or dumbbell workout… 7 incredible workouts for each day of your week!  They include Animal Calisthenics, Yogi Cardio and non kb Scorcher Sets. While the program will have a full beginner version in every single DVD, we do want you to work through our Limitless Challenge so that you can take full advantage of Dasha’s newest and most exciting program to date! The best news- it will be available in hard copy or downloadable and you will be able to do it anywhere (the beach, the park or your gym). Plus it will come with a nutrition DVD, recipes, 7 day cleanse and book! All your KB nutrition grocery lists and trouble shooting in one place. This program will teach you the most effective and efficient ways to get and stay super fit. 

So- lets get RESULTs in time for summer, and then lets keep and perfect those results through the summer months! You will GLOW in august and hit the fall strong and ready for any challenge.

If KB Fitness results look like this- we want them!